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If You're Intimidated By VO Studio Tech,
Tonight's Roundtable Sets You Straight
June 19, 2017

(VOXtra) - Are you intimidated by audio gear and all that goes into (and out of) your voice over home studio?

Or - just want to have fun?

Click into tonight's Voice Over Body Shop (VOBS) webcast (starting at 6 pm Pacific at, for another informative and entertaining round of the Audio Masters Roundtable.

"Last time we held the Roundtable on VOBS, some women complained that VO studio tech was geeky and dull. Well, no more!" says Dan Lenard (the Home Studio Master), who co-hosts the webcast with George Whittam (Edge Studio Technical Director). "We invite the ladies to get involved.

"And no one should be intimidated by the technology," Dan adds. "Everyone needs to learn this critical part of a VO career, and we're here to help."

Tonight's Roundtable illustrious panel of VO tech experts includes:
  • John McClain, owner of Dog and Pony Studios, Las Vegas
  • Cliff Zellman, commercial producer for Radio Vision, Dallas
  • Jordan Reynolds, voice talent and audio geek, Burbank, CA
  • Uncle Roy Yokelson, Emmy Award-winning sound designer and demo producer, New York City, and of course,
  • George and Dan.
Send your questions for the panel now or during the webcast to

A lively chat room is a show in itself during this webcast. And the show also features DAWVIEW 2017 reports, plus weekly news from VoiceOverXtra.

The online event starts at 9 pm Eastern; 8 pm Central; 7 pm Mountain; 6 pm Pacific.

Past shows can also be viewed any time on YouTube and at the VO-BS website:


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Comments (2)
Howard Ellison
6/19/2017 at 2:15 PM
Fine set of b**bs in that photo(shop).
Daniel Lenard
6/19/2017 at 1:22 PM
BTW, Kerri Donovan will be joining us tonight as well!
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