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'You Have Such A Nice Voice!'
Sure, But Here's What It Takes ...

By Randye Kaye
Voice Actor & Coach

When I teach “Investigate Voice Over” classes for Edge Studio, I usually begin by asking students what brought them to the class.

If I had, say, a dollar for every answer that began, “Everyone says I have such a good voice …” I would at least be able to buy that iPad I’ve got my eye on.

And, yes, I’m thrilled to see anyone who takes steps to satisfy their curiosity.


Taking that first step takes courage, because sometimes a dream (“I could make it in voice over someday if I want to”) is easier to handle than a goal (“Let me find out the reality of voice over and then decide if I want to do what it takes”).

If you do take that first step - finding out the facts - I applaud you!

Maybe you’ll decide it’s a lot harder than you thought, and it’s not really for you.

Or maybe you’ll love it so much that you can’t wait to start investing your time and - let’s face it - money into starting a voice over business.

Either way, you’re ahead whenever you learn something.


So - what does it take? Five layers!

1. A Voice

Um, yeah.

So - maybe it’s pleasant, or unique or makes people smile. Your “voice adjectives” will provide the first ideas as to where you might fit in this business.

But voice is also about control of accents/speech defects/regionalisms. It’s about vocal care, and knowing how to breathe properly.

This may take work - singing lessons, speech therapy, learning about the care of your instrument.

2. Reading Skills

You must be able to read fluently, fluidly, and with comprehension.

So many of my newbie students simply don’t know how to read well.

Part of your brain has to think ahead, part must stay in the moment. It’s called lateral reading. And if you don’t understand what you’re reading - and the purpose for every phrase - the listener definitely won’t either.

3. Acting Skills

Who are you? Who are you talking to? Why are you saying these words?

Actors call it “motivation.” You’d better know how to communicate the words to your listener.

It’s not called “Voice Reading” - it’s called “Voice Acting.”

What can help? Acting and/or improvisation classes.

4. Technique

Acting uses a lot of the “right brain” - where imagination and the “big picture” reign.

But it’s also about technique, and the compartmentalized skills (“left brain”) that mean you can control tempo, pitch, volume, articulation, microphone placement, etc.

Clients will expect this professionalism.

The answer? Training, then focused practice until technique is so second-nature you don’t have to overthink it anymore - think driving range in golf.

5. Business Savvy and Willingness

This is a business, people. If you don’t want to run one, read to your kids instead.

You can get a lot of joy out bringing words to life off the page - you just won’t get paid for it without treating voice over like the business it is.

Want to know more? There’s a ton of info out there online. Set up a couple of sessions with a voice over coach, or take a class.

At the very least, you’ll have a good time, learn a little, and take home some skills that help in any kind of communication.

Randye Kaye provides “Intelligent, creative voice overs and more" for clients such as Continental Airlines,, Dannon, Hilton Hotels, and Kyocera, and remains an enthusiastic lifelong learner. She is also a voice over coach with Edge Studio in NYC, CT and DC.

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Comments (4)
Debbie Irwin
7/1/2011 at 1:32 AM
Elizabeth Holmes
6/30/2011 at 12:58 PM
Thank you Randye, for this succinct, helpful guide to voiceover success!
Dan Friedman
6/30/2011 at 9:43 AM
Love this article Randye! Like you ... I get these inquiries all of the time. This article is a good primer for those interested in the biz and introduces them to the things they will have to learn to be successful.

Dan Friedman
Alan Sklar
6/30/2011 at 8:18 AM
Brava! Bullseyes! Show Business is 98% Business and 2% Show!
Alan Sklar
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