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CD, Song & Dance Make Holidays
Magical For Kids In Hospitals

December 13, 2011

(VOXtra) - Voice actors are brightening the days of children in hospitals in the U.S. and worldwide with the shipping this week of the 2011 Holiday Magic: A Gift For Children Of All Ages CD, and personal visits to sing and dance for the kids.

For the 9th year, the CD produced by San Diego-based Jeff Gelder and GelderHead Audio Productions tells the story of Jeffrey the Surfer Reindeer and Santa Claus as they make their way from the North Pole to visit children.

More than 30 talents wrote, voiced and sang segments for the story. And each year, circulation grows - this year with a goal of distributing a minimum of 5,000 CDs.

Last year, 3,000 CDs were distributed to 28 children's hospitals in the U.S. and Singapore.

You can hear the enchanting tale online this month on Sunday nights at 6 p.m. Pacific time, at


This year's CD was officially released recently at an event at the Ronald McDonald House in San Diego, where the project's volunteers "cooked a home-made spaghetti dinner for 200, and a few of the CD's talents entertained families living there, as their children were in the hospital across the street," Gelder says.

"It was a gratifying experience for all.

"We had coloring books made of the story's characters, with a blank page for the kids to draw their own character and submit to possibly be included in the next year's story," he adds.

Click here for a video of this event (and while at the Holiday Magic website, also click on the Donation tab for this worthy cause).


This Thursday, Gelder and crew will also hand-deliver CDs at the Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego, "complete with caroling with some of the patients," Gelder says.

"And I'm excited that voice talent Pearl Hewitt will do the same at the Texas Children's Hospital in Houston on Dec. 19," he adds.


Lead characters in this year's story are:
  • Santa, Phillip Tanzilo,
  • Mrs. Claus, Penny Abshire,
  • Jeffrey the Surfer Reindeer, Jeff Gelder,
  • Carlito the Reindeer, Greg Dehm,
  • Kate the Reindeer, Heather Martinez, and
  • Thalion, Master Elf, Marc Graue.
Yet the 27-track CD features many more writers and voice talents (see below), who responded to Gelder's request in September to contribute a song, story, riddle or rhyme.

Congratulations to all who are making this year's CD and live events a magical time for the children and their families.

For more information about the project and to donate, please visit


1. Story: Mrs. Claus Hatches a Plan, Santa, Jeffery, Mrs. Claus

2. Just About Midnight - Brothers Royale *

3.  CSI North Pole - Glenn Hascall

4. Jingle Bells - Judy Fossum

5. Story: Rudolph Mobilizes the Reindeer - Santa, Rudolph, Jeffery, Kate, Carlito

6.  Spirit, Killian MacGeraghty - featuring Jennifer Knight BMI, Glitter & Glue Publishing

7.  The Legend of Star Children - written & performed by Heather Farrar

8. Iím Farputst for Hanukkah - Keaton Simons *

9.  Croc Christmas - Connie Mustang & the Reel Mustangs

10. Story: Santa Announces the Plan - Jeffery, Santa & all the reindeer

11. The Angel Song, Karl Anthony

12. Pinky and Chickadee - Pearl Hewitt, produced by Tim Keenan, Creative Media Recording

13. Letís Go Home Little Bear - Andy Boyns, written by Martin Waddell, produced by James Alburger, VoiceActing LLC

14. Feels Like Christmas - William Kiesel, Kevin De Bord, produced by James Alburger, VoiceActing LLC

15. Story: Can You Believe It? Jeffery, Kate, Carlito

16. Swingin' Santa - Sylvia Aimerito &, written and music performed by Lori Rae Martin

17. The Night Before Christmas - narrated by Michael Goldberg

18. Magic in the Air - Kate Fuller, Peter Sprague, written by Rick Lineback

19. Story: Santa and the Master Elf - Mrs. Claus, Santa, Master Elf Thalion

20. I Choose Joy - written & performed by Teri Wilder

21. Greetings from Around the World, Deb Munro, Elley-Ray Hennessy & The Calgary Workshop Students

22. Must Be Santa - Scott "ScooterĒ Fortney

23. Como Tu No Hay Dos - Edgar Vargas, music by David Lan, lyrics by David Lan and Carlos de Alba

24. Story: Santaís Announcement - Santa, Mrs. Claus, Master Elf Thalion

25. Merry Christmas to the World - The Reese Brothers, written by Johnny Elkins & C.J. Vanston *

26. Just Canít Sleep - Ashley Fox-Linton & Denver Casado

27. Story: Happy Holidays Everyone! Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, Jeffery, Kate, Carlito  

*Courtesy of Imaginary Friends Music Partners

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Comments (1)
Pearl Hewitt
12/14/2011 at 6:34 PM
Thank you so much for posting about the Holiday Magic CD Project, John.

I am SOOOO looking forward to distributing CDs to 250 children at Texas Children's Hospital next Monday, December 19th. I am taking a small group of musicians with me to sing popular Christmas songs and entertain the children for a little while during our short visit.

When Jeff Gelder told me which Houston hospital receives the CDs each year, I was really thrilled because it has a special significance for me. My son received a 7-hour heart surgery there a couple of years ago to fix an arrhythmia problem and, of course, the doctors and nursing staff were just AWESOME!

I was even more thrilled when Jeff asked if I would like to be involved with the delivery of the CDs. I feel very honored.

We are all very excited and had a short rehearsal of our Christmas songs at my house a couple of nights ago. My son, Bobby (who's heart is now working properly) and some of his choir buddies (all high school seniors) are joining us to sing and play guitar. My 14 year old daughter wanted to join in, playing ukelele, but unfortunately she's too young. The hospital has an age policy for volunteers. No worries though, she's going to make us some Holiday Magic CD T-Shirts we can all wear on the day.
I'm sure pictures will follow. So watch this space.
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