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How To Make 2010's Voice-Over
Resolutions A Career REVOLUTION 
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By Bob Noble
Voice Actor
One of the holiday traditions we always look forward to, is taking pen and paper and jotting down our New Year’s Resolutions.
From past experience, however, we know that most of them will never survive past the middle of January.
Maybe your list includes ... 
  • losing weight
  • quitting smoking
  • spending more time with the family
  • playing more golf, or perhaps
  • enjoying a new hobby.
Any of these sound familiar? Are any of your 2010 Resolutions “repeats” from your 2009 list? Some of mine are.
Why do these good intentions fade into thin air so quickly?
Perhaps it’s because it’s easier to just “go with the flow and not rock-the-boat.”
After all, we could save the resolutions and put them on our 2011 list.
What about your career resolutions!
If you’ve already created your 2010 List of Resolutions, take a close look. How many of them relate directly to your voice-over career?
It’s easy to assume that next year’s results will be better. But in today’s economy that may be wishful thinking, just like believing that your agent will make you successful if you just sit back and relax.
Success in any business - and your voice-over career is a business - depends on team work.
And who’s the “Captain” of the team? YOU ARE!
If you’re willing to take the lead and show initiative in promoting your own career, the chances are your agent and others will want to help you succeed.
So what are some of the career resolutions you might add to your 2010 list?
You can choose from the following, or incorporate them all into your New Year Plan of Action - and note carefully the last word, ACTION.
For example:
  • enroll in a voice-over workshop,
  • review and upgrade your demos,
  • listen to the demos of others and compare,
  • upgrade or improve your recording equipment,
  • join a voice-over community like VU - VoiceoverUniverse dot com.
Although some of these resolutions may require some financial investment, many marketing techniques only require a little elbow grease.
A few weeks ago, I decided to drum up some business in the video game market.
I went to my computer and googled “Video Game Producers." WOW! I found list-after-list of them.
After hours of visiting most of their web sites and making notes on the contact information, I started sending out email inquiries giving my background qualifications, asking if they were looking for new voices, and attaching a 60-sec mp3 demo of some of my video game voices.
Within 48 hours I had received over a dozen replies, including two that were actually casting.
Within the next 24 hours I had received audition copy and sent back my custom demos.
The results: FOUR voices booked, two of which I have already recorded and uploaded to the producers, and I'm currently waiting for copy on the remaining two.
Cash out of pocket? Not one single dime! 
This year, turn your resolutions into revolutions.
Whether you’re a ‘newbie,” an “old pro,” or somewhere in between. you CAN make the New Year the BEST of your career.
As captain of the Team, you’re responsible for your own game plan. So plan well and get out on the field.
Now is the time to put it all together and push to the goal line. You can score BIG - if you turn those resolutions into revolutions.
Good Luck ... oops! ... don't wait for luck ... write your winning game plan right now! 
Bob Noble has over 40-years experience as a professional actor in motion pictures, television, theatre and voice work. He conducts his voice talent business from his in-home recording studio in Orlando, FL, and is a member of the Society of Accredited Voiceover Artists as well as the Audio Publishers Association. His favorite voice-over venues are video games and audiobooks.
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Comments (1)
Dan NIms
12/28/2009 at 9:36 AM
An excellent essay! I am guilty of doing it wrong. Thank you for your inspiring idea for finding work.
Best wishes for continued success, Bob.

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