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Mary Lynn Wissner, VO Casting Director, Coach:
'Crowdsourcing Auditions' Not Traditional Casting
August 16, 2017
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By Mary Lynn Wissner

Casting Director, Coach
Voices Voicecasting

First off, I have always felt that there needs to be a clarification of the term "casting," used by VdotCom and even Voicebank: this is NOT casting, it is basically "crowdsourcing" auditions. 

Sites like VdotCom and Voicebank offer no connection with a legit casting director in the traditional sense. It is an online service where a client/producer can type in the specs, upload their copy and select the agents/talent they wish the project to go to.

When Voicebank first came around, they eliminated the job of many legit voice over casting directors in LA and NY.  Several of my colleagues had to close their offices.

I have never used Voicebank to cast a production, why should I? My ad agency and production company clients have come directly to me: a casting director who knows voices, knows talent and has relationships with agents, representatives and talent all over the world. 

Myself and several of my fellow VO casting directors have cast this way for years, before Voicebank even entered the voice over world, and we will continue to service our clients this way.

I have had numerous clients come to me after experiencing the impersonal approach of these sites, wishing to get hands-on, invested attention to their project, which they cannot possibly experience online.


My first thought on receiving the news of this acquisition, was that the unscrupulous business practices of VdotCom will likely only make matters worse for talent and agents who rely on Voicebank for N/U work, as it seems likely they will continue their business model on Voicebank. 

I feel it is a great opportunity for SAG/AFTRA to finally step in and take some serious action with VdotCom. 

Right now, it's a waiting game.

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