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Is Daily Stuff Delaying Your Voice
Over Goals? 5 Ways To Move Ahead ...
February 7, 2014

By Bobbin Beam
Voice Actress

Many times I‘ll work 12-plus hours per day and still don’t accomplish everything I’ve set out to do.

A lot of days I’ll feel like I’ve done a lot, but still haven’t reached my goals and objectives, and unfortunately ended up spinning my wheels.

So from a bit of experience, here are some pointers to avoid time suckers, get focused quickly, and reach your goals.

1. Turn off technology

When in the booth, set the timer for 30 minutes and turn off all email and telephone "sounds” or anything that distracts while recording. After 30 minutes, take a refreshing, brief break, get some water, return phone calls, etc.  

Sometimes, a quick voice-to-voice contact can beat lengthy email exchanges.

2. Bite off the hardest task first

Tackle the biggest, hairiest bullfrog first. The job or task that is the biggest challenge of the day.

Once that’s out of the way you’ll feel much of the pressure is in the past and the remainder of the day goes more smoothly. You'll already have a big sense of accomplishment.

3. Batch your tasks  

Schedule specific blocks of time each day to engage in social media, bill pay, send out invoicing, write blog posts, do marketing, read and answer emails, attend meetings - you get the idea. 

Resist the temptation to hang out on Facebook or Twitter too long. Before you know it, an hour is gone.

4. "Rush” doesn’t always mean urgent

Take control of deciding what you’re asked to do by some clients, friends, and family in lieu of  income-producing activities. 

Someone else’s poor planning should not become your emergency.

5. Plan and list

At the start of each day, plan the items to be accomplished by listing them.

At the end of the day, list what came into your work flow to be completed the next day, and list as the priorities anything that carried over from the previous day.

Make a list! Each day you move closer to accomplishing your goals.
Bobbin Beam has worked professionally behind the microphone since she was 18. She has been a full time voice actress for 20+ years, following a number of years in FM rock radio from Milwaukee to San Diego. Her career dreams hatched upon the living room stage at the age of four, performing "Snow White” for her family. Before age 12, Bobbin formed an acting troupe with neighborhood kids, and wrote, directed and produced plays in the family barn. Bobbin has now returned to Wisconsin, where her career began, yet her voice is heard all over the world. When not recording, she’s a blogger, learner, cook and volunteer. She also loves singing, swimming, kayaking, reading, writing, cycling, hiking, yoga and life.


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Comments (2)
Nicola Redman
2/17/2014 at 8:19 AM
Good tips! Point 3 is particularly familiar. So easy to get stuck in a social media cycle, best to try and allocate time. Be stern!
Northern Irish voice
Trish Basanyi
2/7/2014 at 10:30 AM
Great advice from a great lady!!
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