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Making A List, Checking It Twice ...
For Your Daily Priorities! Get To Them

December 13, 2013

By Tina Wilson
Voice Actor & Vocalist

Now that we are in the midst of the holiday season, we’re rushing around as we do every December, feeling stressed and wishing we had more time to get those cards out ... those presents wrapped ... and then there are the bills that still have to be paid, and the regular daily jobs we have to do. 

Right? They never go away just because the holidays are here. Life still goes on.

But let's stop to think about what is important to accomplish on a daily basis, compared to what is urgent.


When you hear the word "priorities," do you cringe? Would you rather not think about your most important daily priorities because maybe this reminds you of projects you’ve been procrastinating on? 

Why do we find ourselves so often neglecting our most important priorities?

For everyone, it’s something different, depending upon each personality and lifestyle.

So let's put first things first, whatever that may mean to you, in order of importance.

If we look at what we consider to be urgent, we need to ask ourselves:
  • How urgent is this?
  • Is it really necessary to get this done immediately?
  • Or is there something else more important - something you've put on the back burner that needs your attention NOW?

Make two lists, one for the things that you feel are urgent , and one for those things that you feel are important.   

You might discover that the things you’ve thought of as urgent are really not that urgent after all.

Only you will know the answer, and you probably will end up learning a lot about yourself in the process. 

Happy Holidays!
Tina Wilson is a voice over artist and vocalist based in Southern California, with a wide range of voice over clients for industrial and corporate narrations, commercials and documentaries. Clients have included Quantum Technologies, the U.S. Armed Forces, Goodwill Industries, Mazda North America, Maxon Steel, Placentia-Linda Hospital, Hunterdon Healthcare, Medical Liberator and many more. She also recorded a documentary on World War I, Voices Of A Never-Ending Dawn, that aired on PBS. And she writes an enjoyable blog about voice overs and life.


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Comments (1)
Julie Kalick
12/13/2013 at 12:39 PM
You are right on with these comments my good friend. Have a beautiful Christmas and a profitable New Year.
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