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Your Recipe For Success Is Setting
And Striving For Goals All Year
January 2, 2012

By Deb Munro
Voice Talent & Coach
Happy New Year!

For many, this is the time for resolutions for change and motivation. But I believe that goal setting and achieving shouldn't be confined to a certain time of year.
In fact, you should always be goal setting and continuously adding to and checking off your lists.
The challenge for most people isn't setting the goals, though - it's achieving them. So, here is help for creating realistic goals that that you can accomplish.

I truly believe in writing things out. So the first thing you need to do is write out  your goals for a specific time frame.
Many of us prefer a year-to-year goal sheet, but feel free to write a list for the next week or next month, etc.
When listing your goals, consider:
  • how much you want to earn,
  • types of training you need,
  • genres you want to pursue,
  • your marketing strategies and budget,
  • your time frame,
  • your support system (both financially and emotionally),
  • a realistic schedule, and
  • who you need on your team to accomplish your goals.
Now write a list of what's standing in the way of accomplishing your goals. Most of us have a million reasons why we can't accomplish our goals.
But that why-not list is the only thing standing in your way!
Focus on how to make it work, without giving yourself a thousand excuses of why it can't.
It's funny how people are great at making excuses and not so great at finding solutions.
You are not alone in your excuse list. Don't think for one minute that I didn't have major obstacles to get over. 
I just didn't let them get the better of me. Instead, I found ways to make it work.

You may not know this about me, but I was a teenage runaway by the time I was 14. Not only did I run away from my home, I ran away across the country.
I was pregnant by the time I was 16 and wasn't exactly an overachiever at that time.
But I was one of the lucky ones who allowed my pregnancy to affect me in a positive way, and I rose to the challenges that a low-income single teen mom faces.
So let's just say I'm a "Movie of the Week" - one of the successes.


Was it pure luck? Hell no!
I worked my ass off to get where I am and I still do. I hope you want it as bad as I do because I won't sit and wait for it to just happen.
I will move mountains to obtain my goals. After all, there is no other way to make them happen.

Next, write out exactly what you need to do to accomplish each of your goals.
For example, finances - how much will you need to accomplish each of your goals, and how will you get the money to make it happen?
This is where most people end their pursuits. They think they can't afford to pursue their dreams, but I challenge you in this area.
You've all heard the saying, "Where there is a will, there is a way."
I have followed this my entire life.
I'm lucky because I've never paid much attention to obstacles. I always seem to see the bright side and focus on the solution.
In fact, I love a good challenge.
I couldn't afford my training or equipment in the beginning, so I set out to find a single client willing to offer me a minimum of $50 per month to voice "message on hold."
This let me get a VISA card, and that gave me enough credit to buy my equipment - at that time it was $6,000.
I also recognized that I needed extensive training but couldn't afford it, so I volunteered to work for various coaches - and that got me great training and recognition.
I went even further and hosted coaches teaching in my city and would put together training sessions. In exchange, I received free workshops and some amazing mentors and friends.

One last assignment: write out a schedule.And for this, my earlier article on time management will help.
It's important for you write out a day-to-day schedule that includes exactly how much time you need to spend on each of your goals each and every day.

But also be realistic about your time.
If you want to work at voice over full time, then I suggest you put in as many hours as you can.
And don't get complacent, thinking you can stop setting ever more goals.
You should always be growing. Trust me - there is someone out there who will surpass you if you don't.

The bottom line is: What you put into it is exactly what you get out of it.
So if you are putting in an hour here and an hour there, that's what you'll get in return.
You have to want this as bad as the rest of us in order to achieve the success you desire.
So how bad do you really want voice over success? Prove it! Do something about it!


Deb Munro is a leading voice talent, coach, and owner of Chanti Productions, in the Vancouver, B.C., Canada area. She offers private voice over coaching by phone and Skype, and MIC 'N ME and Double Divas workshops on voice acting, business and demo prep in many Canadian cities.


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Comments (3)
Judy Fossum
1/3/2012 at 3:15 PM
Super, Deb, thank you. What a great "kick in the butt" for the new year. I was told once something like, "You make your own luck." I believe this is so true through hard work, time, perseverance, education, writing lists, setting goals and then just doing it.

I am the type of person that likes to keep things "tidy" and to have all of my "ducks in a row" before delving into something new or taking a chance on something. Oh, boy, that has most certainly been the case with voice over. I wanted to have everything "perfect" before recording a professional commercial demo. I took (and still take) classes, did research, gathered copy and knew that if I really wanted to pursue this field I had to get out there and do it. So I finally mustered up the courage and did it. Just a note that I made sure I was good and ready to record a demo so as not to do it prematurely.

I have a long way to go, a lot to learn and more classes to take and no it is not easy, but I can most certainly say that I really enjoy voice over and am thankful to work in a field where it is fun (and not to mention a challenge) to go to "work." Sure things get hectic and sometimes do not work out as planned, but that is a part of any business.

Thank you for your great articles and for sharing you experience expertise.

Success to you 2012!

Thanks again,
Judy Fossum
Cheyenne, WY
Roy Wells
1/3/2012 at 11:27 AM
Wow Deb. I haven't read an article with this much positive energy in it for quite a long time.
Johnny George
1/3/2012 at 11:23 AM
Great advice, as usual, Deb.

We all need a kick in the pants to get going. I know I have many instances of fault that I need to address and "clean up" before I can really be serious about breaking into a new year. It's on my list and I started yesterday.

Thanks for the good words & thoughts. Have a wonderfully productive New Year!

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