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Practice The 'Fast Legal Tag'
Start Slow, Then Faster, Faster ...

By Rodney Saulsberry
Voice Actor & Coach

(VOXtra) - How about those "fast legal tags" that whiz by in a commercial or movie trailer. Ever try voicing one?

Top voice talent and coach Rodney Saulsberry demonstrates how to do them in this brief video, complete with scripts to read and follow.

This is the latest in my quest to prepare you for the challenges we face with reading fast tag copy during a session or audition," he explains.

"These exercises are also good in general for just vocalizing and sharpening your skills."

Click the PLAY arrow to learn ...

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Comments (2)
Jane Ingalls
7/1/2011 at 10:42 AM
Hi Rodney,

This was a blast and it's my new official daily warm up .. .after coffee! Thanks for the tutorial. I will pass it on and on.

(And Rick, please send me your tags! I love doing them!)

Rick Lance
6/30/2011 at 1:57 PM

Rodney puts us all to shame! Well, maybe not all ... but certainly me. He's an expert at those tags. As heard in his warm up routines he has on the internet. He's a fast talker. I HATE THOSE TAGS! But I have a client that I continually do tags for. I somehow manage to get through them ... with editing. Which probably proves I need more practice at them.

Geez ... Rod's right again!
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