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A Life Coach's Tips For Being
Positive, Confident And Creative

By Elaine Lapides
Life Coach
lau lapides company

Creativity flourishes when an individual is able to think positively. 

As a life coach I help voice over professionals develop the techniques and skills that lead to new insights and awareness.

With awareness come choices as to how to respond to experiences more effectively. 


Shakespeare wrote, "Know thyself, and to thine own self be true." 

It is not an easy task to know one's self. To bring authenticity to your creative work, it is essential to begin the journey inward to understanding yourself.  

In my work, I encourage voice actors to set goals and develop the discipline, focus, and fortitude to fulfill their goals. 


Yes, there is a formula for success in which one can learn to be positive, and decrease worry, stress, fear, low self-esteem, and refuse to be rejected and ultimately defeated.  

Living in the moment and celebrating the NOW is when real change takes place. 

We can't change the past and we can't know the future. We have to create a positive life right now.


The process involves tackling negative thinking. With this action, we can nix worries, fears, low self-esteem and all the false beliefs that prevent individuals from reaching their true potential. 

Creativity actually increases when we understand the techniques of self-renewal and self-awareness. And when we understand ourselves, we are able to be authentic and reach others in meaningful ways. 


A confident, competent, credible, voice is essential. 

An enthusiastic spirit behind the words can make all the difference in how you will be received by others - especially in voice overs. Many talented and skilled people read the same copy, but it will have a different effect depending on the interpretation behind the words.  

Here are some frequently asked questions from VO artists I have worked with. 


Q: How do I calm down when I feel nervous before a voice over audition or a gig? 

There are many techniques you can learn that will help you separate "you" from your negative thoughts about "you." 

One highly effective technique that I frequently use with my clients is meditation. 

When voice artists learn how to focus their mind, balance their energies and calm their internal nervous self, they then find inner peace and tranquility. 

More importantly, they create the ability to connect their physiological vocal skills with what is going on with their mental, emotional and physical processes. 

Ultimately, it is a very holistic view of the voice, that your sound is directly connected to your breathing and your calmness and the inner true spirit of your voice.


It is, as we like to say at our studio, "truly finding your voice" that is the full range of possibilities in your sound, not just one facet that a client may want or need. 

Creative people need solitude, the time to be still and renew, in order to avoid burn out. Being overly emotional wears us out. 

If we learn how to calm ourselves and control our breathing patterns, our voice and speech will find a clear distinctive flow that is peaceful rather than pushed, harnessed rather than controlled.    


Another highly effective technique is visualization - a commonly used method among voice artists. 

The power of visualization requires great detail and specificity. 

The technique moves the vocal artist to see, feel and hear detailed specific images that they can connect to in a deeply emotionally way. 


This uncovers layers of their voice and being that may have been lying dormant for years, as well as textures of sound, that can only come from experience and history. 

Vocal visualization is nothing short of visceral.

The more effective you are at meditation and visualization techniques, the more likely you are to find joy and harmony in your process and success in your outcomes. 


Q: How do I cope with rejection? 

Most professional actors and voice over professionals understand that there will be many times they will not get the role or the work. It goes with the territory. 

As far as rejection, this is where healthy separation and boundaries play their part. 

It is very important to create enough distance between you and the gig so that you don't get too wrapped up and lost in obsessively booking that one gig. 


Keep reminding yourself that one job is not you, nor does it inform or define your potential success. 

You define your potential success by creating achievable goals and keeping on track. 

As we say in the biz, keep you eye on the ball. Keep in a positive mindset. 


An essential part of being successful in life and in your career is staying positive in a world that can feel hostile and unfriendly at times. 

I have helped many people defeat anxiety, stress, worry, fear and depression so they are no longer prisoners of their own negativity and have helped them move on to accomplish their goals and to feel their life is meaningful and purposeful. 

We have the strength and wisdom within to transcend adversity. And if you are courageous as an artist and a human being, you may welcome this journey to finding your voice within.


Elaine Lapides is a licensed Family Therapist and Transformational Life Coach specializing in relationship building. Her seminars and workshops have motivated actors and creative souls to achieve their fullest potential and to break through emotional and psychological barriers preventing them from achieving their goals. For 15 years, she has taught varied courses on psychology, is a professional counselor at Northeast Health Services in Duxbury, MA, and helps voice actors through the lau lapides company voice over training company serving the Boston and New York City areas.


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Comments (1)
brad greenfield
3/19/2012 at 7:01 PM
There is no one better in the business today than Elaine Lapides!! A rare find in today's rush rush world. Elaine can help you break down what you are trying to do and help you to make you the best you want to be.
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