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These Male Voice Actors Stop Shaving
For 'Movember' - Supporting Men's Health

November 2, 2017

(VOXtra) - It's getting a little more hairy in some voice over booths this month, as a number of MVO's (male voice overs) stop shaving to participate in the annual Movember fundraising campaign focusing on men's health.

Noticeable among them are members of MVO: The Voice-Over Guys, a group of male voice actors including Dan Friedman, Johnny George, Dustin Ebaugh and Peter K. O'Connell, who annually support Movember with whiskers and mustaches.

"The annual Movember campaign is globally recognized for its fun, disruptive approach to fundraising, and getting men to take action for their health," says O'Connell.

Now in its 10th year, Movember raises awareness and directs funds toward critical men's health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention, O'Connell explains.


Donations can be made here:

You can also follow progress of the guys' beards and donate links at the MVO group's Facebook and Twitter pages.


"We make it easy," says O'Connell. "And we post thank-you graphics when somebody donates through a link at those sites."

"The guys themselves also retweet or repost these messages to their followers," O'Connell adds.

The Movember Foundation is the only global charity focused on men's health, having raised more than $769 million dollars to fund more than 1,200 innovative projects across 21 countries.

For more info about Movember and how to participate, please visit


"MVO" is a term taken from voice over scripts, where a "male voice over" is abbreviated to MVO.

O'Connell notes that the MVO: The Voice-Over Guys has 20 members who collectively market to producers as "the greatest variety of some of the most experienced and popular male voice-over talents ever assembled in one place."

For more about that group, visit Also check out its blog at


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Comments (2)
Peter K. O'Connell
11/4/2017 at 9:15 AM

Thank you so much for your coverage of our #Movember efforts. It's greatly appreciated

And thank you Kim for your donation

Best always,
- Peter
11/2/2017 at 12:52 PM
LOVE this!!!

Great idea. Just donated. So good to put our money where our Mo know what I mean ;)
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