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FOR COVID-19 ...
Is Wearing (Or Not Wearing) A Mask
Political For You? About Personal Rights?
How About Human Decency!
July 7, 2020

By Dan Hurst
Voice Actor

Many have made this COVID-19 problem a political issue or a constitutional issue. Many have made it a personal rights issue.

But here's the bottom line:

The numbers from the CDC (from numerous reports) suggest that for every person infected with COVID, between two to three other people will become infected. 

Extrapolate that number out over a period of several days, and the sheer weight of the numbers suggests that someone you know or someone in your family is going to be infected.

That, my friend, is why I'm asking YOU to do your part to stop the spread.


Wear a mask in public places!

I haven't always done that. I'm guilty. But I realize the foolishness of it.

Fortunately, so far I have not presented as a carrier, but that could change. See, the truth of the matter is that most people who become carriers of COVID-19 don't know they are until it's too late. 

So while you may feel healthy and even test healthy, there is a window of a few days when, if you are infected, you are dangerously contagious.

And here's why wearing a mask is so important:

If you were to be contagious, and could keep from infecting others, you would (by the numbers) keep at least two to three other people healthy per person that you contacted. 


Do the math. It doesn't take long for ONE person to infect hundreds of others – without ever knowing they did.

And the more people you would be responsible for infecting, the greater the chances that some of those people would be your friends and family!

By the same token, one asymptomatic but infected person using a mask, could keep hundreds of others from getting infected.


So, quit making it a constitutional issue, or a political issue, or a personal rights issue.

Make it a human decency issue and let's put a stop to this malady that our governments can't resolve.

Only the people can stop this spread of COVID-19. And that's you and me and all of us, even with our differences in politics and passion for human rights.

One of the greatest of human rights is that one might live safely. That's not something our government can provide. That something that we the people must ensure.

Today, when I'm out and about and see people wearing masks, I'm not going to see people living in fear. I'm going to see people who are doing their part to keep me and my family … and their family safe.

Wish I could hug them.
Dan (Daniel Eduardo) Hurst is an experienced bilingual (English and Spanish) voice talent operating out of the Kansas City area. His business extends internationally, with clients including Maserati, Boehringer Ingelheim, British Petroleum, Kimberly-Clark, McDonald's, Volkswagen, Telemundo International, Shell, Hallmark, TransCanada, and many more, along with his national work for numerous infomercials, ESPN, CNN and Fox Sports, among others. When he's not working, he spends time cheering for losing sports teams, getting kicked off of golf courses, and cursing his boat motor. 



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Comments (2)
7/9/2020 at 9:09 PM
Thanks, Dan!

Somebody needed to say it.."Simple. Human Decency"
Mike Harrison
7/7/2020 at 9:47 AM
Thanks, Dan. I completely agree. We can learn from the pandemic of 1918, where face masks and social distancing were proven to minimize the spread. Some of those who refused to wear masks were arrested. We also have the statistics from other countries that are today dealing with the virus: proof that an early commitment to mask-wearing and social distancing kept numbers low. What many don't seem to understand (or choose to ignore) is, that in a PUBLIC health crisis we, as members of the public, are EXPECTED to do our part to help. This "working together" concept, especially in a public health crisis, is a small but one of the necessary costs of what we like to call "freedom." I am more than happy to pay my fair share.
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