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Voice Over Newcomers ...
Welcome! If you’re starting a career in voice overs – or thinking about it – is where to begin.
In fact, is your news and resource center to the world of voice-overs for all stages of your career. The authors on this site are the industry’s top experts and working pros. You can trust their advice.
Here’s how to use VoiceOverXtra to your fullest advantage:


Ready … Set … Go! These articles and podcasts have been prepared for you:

Is Your Goal To Go Full-Time VO? Start With A Diverse Income Stream
By Bettye Zoller

10 Things To Ask Yourself Before Pursuing A Career In Voice Over
By Anthony Gettig

Thinking Of A Career In Voice Over? 10 Key Questions To Evaluate Your Potential
By Rachel Fulginiti

Health: Protect Your Voice - Your Most Important Equipment
By Ann S. Utterback, Ph.D.

Actor ... Singer ... On-Air Talent - Check Your Skills For Voice Acting
By Marc Cashman
Newcomers: It Ain't Just Talkin' ... An Insight To A Voice-Over Career
By Mike Harrison
Demos: Your Top 10 FAQs and Answers
by David Goldberg
Newcomers: Is a Voice-Over Career Right for Your Talents?
By Peter Rofé and Randy Thomas
Newcomers: Start Your Career Right - With A Business Plan
By Heather Costa
The Secret To Breaking Into Voice-Overs – And Succeeding!
By Robert Sciglimpaglia Jr.
Break Into Voice-Overs Without Quitting Your Day Job
By Susan Berkley
Discover The ABCs of Every Script – And Warm Up!
By James Alburger
Demos: Spend Your Time And Money Wisely
By Bettye Zoller


Auditions: Walk In And Out With Confidence
(podcast) by Deb Munro
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