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MO-JOE Friday Video: Look! A Distraction!

(VOXtra) - Working at home and in our own recording booth is ideal for most of us.

But home is embedded with distractions. And without a clear, dedicated focus you might wonder at the end of the day what the heck you've accomplished!

In this gem from the MO-JOE Friday Videos library, Joe Loesch advises how to get a handle on external - and internal - distractions ...

PS: Here's the VoiceOverXtra article with more tips that Joe mentions in the video: Look! A Distraction! How To Stay Focused When Everything Is Pulling You Away.

Joe Loesch is a top voice actor and voice-over coach, an award-winning spoken word producer, and (... drum roll ... ) your leader at Voice-Over Booth Camp.

Joe also trains you in a recent VoiceOverXtra webinar recording: Master 3 Levels of Voice-Over Performance. Here's a link to details.

And come back soon for MO-JOE!

On the first and third Friday of every month, Joe delivers MO-JOE Friday Video refills on all aspects of voice acting and succeeding in voice-over to VoiceOverXtra readers. Check out past episodes here.

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