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Winners Announced In Scores Of Categories
In 3rd Annual Voice Arts
® Awards Competition
November 14, 2016

(VOXtra) - Winners of the third annual Voice Arts® Awards competition, sponsored by the Society of Voice Arts & Sciences (SOVAS) - were announced and celebrated Sunday night at a glamorous VO star-studded Gala at the Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, CA.

See VoiceOverXtra's report by Martha Kahn on the evening's many activities.

For your wishes of congratulations, here are the winners of the 2016 competition, announced by SOVAS (also click here to see all 2016 nominees) ...


Outstanding Body of Work, Voiceover
Bill Ratner  

Outstanding National TV Commercial, Best Voiceover
Christian Lanz  

Outstanding National TV Promo, Best Voiceover
Chris Fries  

Outstanding TV Promo Campaign, Best Voiceover
Toy Holmes  

Outstanding National TV Commercial Campaign, Best Voiceover
Debbe Hirata  

Outstanding TV Animation, Best Voiceover
Christian Lanz  

Outstanding Promo Demo Reel, Best  Voiceover
Jason LaShea  

Outstanding Animation Demo Reel, Best Voiceover
Kimberly Woods  

Outstanding Narration - TV or Film, Best Voiceover
Megan  Anderson  

Outstanding Local TV Commercial, Best  Voiceover

Andrew Heyl  

Outstanding Local TV Promo, Best Voiceover
Natalie Roers  

Outstanding Radio Commercial, Best Voiceover
J. Michael Collins  

Outstanding Political Announcement - Image, Best Voiceover
J. Michael Collins  

Outstanding Movie Trailer, Best Voiceover
Kirsten Cruz  

Outstanding Motion Picture Animation, Best Voiceover
Ginnifer Goodwin  

Outstanding Consumer Sales Video, Best Voiceover
Debbe Hirata  

Outstanding E-Learning, Best Voiceover
Marie Westbrook  

Outstanding Commercial Demo Reel, Best Voiceover
Marie Westbrook  

Outstanding Narration Demo Reel, Best Voiceover
Susan Bernard  

Outstanding Voiceover Podcast
Chuck Duran, Stacey J Aswad

Outstanding Spoken Word or Storytelling - Best Performance
Bill Heid and John Fornof  

Outstanding Promo Demo Reel - Spanish
Fabian Toro  

Outstanding Commercial Demo Reel, Best Spanish Voiceover
Edu Valenzuela  

Outstanding Narration Demo Reel, Best Spanish Voiceover
Kristy Calvache  

Outstanding TV/Radio Commercials & Trailers – Best Spanish Voiceover
Fabian Toro  

Outstanding TV Promos - Best Spanish Voiceover
Roberto Sanchez  

Audiobook Narration - Biography, Best Voiceover

Jonathan Keeble  

Audiobook Narration - Science Fiction, Best Voiceover
Simon Vance  

Audiobook Narration -  Mystery, Best Voiceover

Simon Vance  

Audiobook Narration - Author Performance, Best Voiceover
Lecrae Moore  

Audiobook Narration - Crime & Thriller, Best Voiceover
Stacy Keach  

Audiobook Narration - Business or Education, Best Voiceover

Em Eldridge, Kate Orsini, Kyla Garcia, Cherise Boothe  

Audiobook Narration - Children's Pre-School (Infant to 12), Best Voiceover
David Kaye  

Audiobook Narration - Teens, Best Voiceover

Julia Whelan  

Audiobook Narration - Classics, Best Voiceover
Todd Haberkorn  

Audiobook Narration - Fiction, Best Voiceover
Will Damron  

Audiobook Narration - Fantasy, Best Voiceover
Bronson Pinchot  

Audiobook Narration - Health and Fitness, Best Voiceover
Pamela Almand & Scott Thomas  

Audiobook Narration - History, Best Voiceover
Grover Gardner  

Audiobook Narration - Inspirational/Faith-Based Fiction, Best Voiceover

Therese Plummer  

Audiobook Narration - Non-Fiction, Best Voiceover
Dion Graham  

Audiobook Narration - Metaphysical, Best Voiceover
Simon Vance  

Audiobook Narration - Self Help, Best Voiceover

Edoardo Ballerini    

Audiobook Narration - Romance, Best Voiceover

Steve West  

Audiobook Narration - Short Story Anthology, Best Voiceover
Hillary Huber & Bronson Pinchot  

Outstanding Casting – Audiobook
Blackstone Publishing

Audio Engineering – Audiobook

Rob Jorgensen  

Outstanding Production – Audiobook
Bill Heid, Executive Producer  

Outstanding Casting - Motion Picture Film Animation
Jamie Sparer Roberts, CSA  

Outstanding Casting – Video
Judy Keller

Congratulations to all!

For more information about the Voice Arts Awards and the Society of Voice Arts & Sciences, please visit

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Comments (2)
John Florian
11/15/2016 at 3:57 PM
Hi Patricio,
I'm sure the Voice Arts Awards would be happy to hear from you, and help with info about the 2017 competition. Contact them at
patricio gutierrez
11/15/2016 at 3:38 PM
How do you participate in this award to become a nominee?
I live in Latin America and I would like to participate in the best spanish voiceover.
I thank you if you help me to know who I am writing to apply.
Best Regards.
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