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Connect To The Voice-Over World
With Skype For VO Jobs & Coaching
By Deb Munro
Voice Talent & Coach
I encourage you to volunteer with a casting director or at a studio to watch an animation or any type of recording being directed, even if it’s film.
Offer to get them water and coffee, or take notes or whatever you might be able to do.
This benefits you in many ways:
  • First, you are building a relationship with the decision-makers and people who work in the industry who can lead you to more work.
  • Second, you are learning from professionals who have been doing it for many more years than you.
  • Third, you can learn about the many things that go on in a recording session from the other side of the glass. Even the pros should do this!
When I first moved to Vancouver (a much larger market than I had come from), I knew this would be a wise decision. Not to mention, I was able to take the casting agent to lunch after the session, and she told me what she liked and didn’t like about each performance.
It was a fantastic experience. Much to be gained from.
While I sat in the session, I was fascinated by the many things going on behind the glass. I have always been in awe of the engineers – how they know when to turn on what mic at the right time - especially in multi-talent sessions. WOW! Great job guys!
It was a real treat to watch the director at work, too. And then to hear what the client and director would say when the talkback mic was off.
But all the while, the client was NOT in the room with us! In fact, they were in another country, listening via Skype.
Skype is a chat/audio/video service that allows you to connect to the world by computer or mobile phone. A version is even available now for several brands of television.
And Skype is changing the way many of us do business.
For instance, voice talent are using Skype as a phone patch for their studio.
With programs like Audacity, you are able to record both sides of the conversation instantly through your computer with minimal set up.
If you’re tech enough, you can run Skype through your software recording program to create a phone patch.
Personal voice-over training via Skype is also becoming popular.
For this, I prefer Skype with the video option, so that I’m able to show the talent what kind of physical movements may help to get a desired effect ... or to watch what they are doing.
Even if I can’t see the student, of course, I can somehow tell what they are - or are not - doing while voicing.
Such training sessions are great for a "brush up" every once in a while, and also useful for more extensive training.
And they are as effective as in-person sessions – recorded and with all the same jokes, but minus the hugs.
Trust in technology - it's our business, sometimes our best friend or worst enemy. But it's here, so we might as well make it work to our advantage!
Deb Munro is a leading voice talent, coach, and owner of Chanti Productions, in the Vancouver, B.C., Canada area. She offers private voice-over coaching, MIC 'N ME workshops, TeleVoice Workouts (last Wednesday of every month) and personal training via Skype. Her remaining 2010 Audition Acrobatics / The Voice Pitch (marketing) weekend workshops in Canada are slated for :
  • Calgary – June 19-20
  • Edmonton – June 26-27
  • Vancouver – July 24-25
  • Vancouver – Sept 11-12
  • Regina – Sept 25-26
  • Winnipeg (tentative) – Oct 23-24
The cost of these weekend workshops is $395, but mention VoiceOverXtra for a $50 discount!
For more about Skype, visit
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Comments (2)
Rebecca Michaels
5/26/2010 at 4:44 AM
This is a wonderful article and touches on extremely relevant points.

I also wanted to add that I use Skype as a tool to work with clients globally as needed, and to keep in touch with them via telephone. Working out of Italy for the last couple years has made that a true gift for which I am very grateful.

Deb - thanks for the insightful reminders. Much appreciation,
Rebecca Michaels /
Bettye Zoller
5/26/2010 at 12:36 AM
Skype isn't new ... it's a mainstay for years. Millions have it. Glad you've got it now.
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