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'Hear The Bill' Web Site Features Voice Actors
Reading Proposed Health Care Reform Bill
Sept. 8, 2009

Many voters have been questioning whether their Congressional representatives have read the entire health care reform bill, HR3200. Now, they don't have to - they can listen to it.
A group of voice actors has not only read the bill, but recorded it, too - all 1,018 pages of it - and made the legislation available as an audiobook, online at
"Health care reform is an issue that affects everyone, but it's been difficult for many people to cut through the spin of various interests and learn directly what's in the legislation," says Kathleen Keesling (pictured), who along with co-founder Diane Havens, conceived the idea of producing an audio version of the proposal.
"Now there is a place where everyone can go to read and listen to the bill, educate themselves, ask the right questions for clarification - and then make their own determination about whether to support it."
Using the site is free. Since the site's official launch on Sept. 3, it has received more than 100,000 visits.
And that number is growing. The audio is getting nationwide press, including an informative interview with Havens published today on The online U.S. News & World Report was among others also chiming in.
In all, over 80 voice actors volunteered to read sections of the legislation.
"We put out a call on voice-over forums, blogs and social networking sites to see if there was interest among our colleagues for reading sections of the legislation, and we were overwhelmed," says Havens (pictured).
"Immediately, dozens of voice actors responded, and we were off and running," she adds.
"People were eager to contribute to helping all Americans know what's in this proposal and how it could have an impact on their lives."
The HR3200 bill is fully downloadable and indexed like an audiobook, allowing users to choose which parts they want to hear at their own convenience.
It also provides the sight-impaired with the opportunity to hear the wording of the bill that they otherwise would not have had.
Others can read along with the audio, and may join the mailing list to receive updates, since the audio will be modified whenever the bill is amended to ensure that it remains current, say the site's sponsors.
For voice actors, the web site features an informative "Volunteers" section, including an audio style guide and forum.
For more about this project, you may also contact


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