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Awards Competitions
British Animation Awards Competition conducted every two years.
The Audies Annual competition for audiobook excellence, sponsored by the Audio Publishers Association (APA).

Forums & Social Networking
Facebook Social networking site with scores of voice-over related groups - many with niche (and commercial) interests
LinkedIn Social networking site with focus on business relationships. Check several groups here
Voice123 Premium Forums A multi-section forum for Premium members of the Voice123 online voice-over marketplace.

Fun & Wacky
"Voice Talkers: Living the Dream of a Voice Actor" From POYKPAC: A voice actor finds his voice ...
Bob Bergen's 'Cool Clips' "eh-puh-peh-eh..." The voice of Porky Pig and many, many other cartoon characters, Bob Bergen shares historic - and often hysterical - clips from his career, including his call (at 14 years of age) to his hero, Mel Blanc.
Casting Couch Radio Show "The online talk show for everyone in the (media) biz" Game world updates and reviews
How To Break Into The Voice Over Business A video hoot using old-time training film footage with dubbed satire. For any VO at any level, from Marc Graue Voice Over Recording Studios, in LA.
How To Just Get By in the Voice Over Business Take your first class online (if you dare). Instructor: VO talent Robert Jadah ("The Lazy Larynx"). Video production: September Day Leach.
Our Infamous Voice Over Movies Hilarious video shorts from Marc Graue Voice Over Recording Studios. Old-time movie footage combines with over-the-top dubbed satire in more than 15 titles, like "Your Voiceover Career", "Your Demo Tape" and "Voice Actor's Studio."
Shatner Loses It In Recording Studio William Shatner takes direction ... to the director's horror and agony
VO Artist On A Date Can this be YOU? Funny sketch from a BBC Radio 4 show, "Recorded For Training Purposes." More BBC at
Voice Over Studio Outtakes & Bloopers Think you've had a bad day? Listen to these gems, collected by Marc Graue Voice Over Recording Studios, in LA.

Helpful & Interesting
DigiFon - ISDN Directory Directory of ISDN users worldwide. Web site also offers ISDN set-up and tech info.
Microphones Hear them! S.O. Coutant's review of current and classic mics includes sound quality and full specs. Also enjoy the Celebs page with classic photos of celebrities and mics.
Sound Ideas Sound Ideas is the world's largest publisher of professional sound effects, royalty-free music, and production element libraries.
Spamcheck Before you hit SEND on your next email campaign, run a draft through this system to see if your emails might be considered SPAM.
USA Foundations Readings of USA founding documents (Declaration of Independence, Preamble to U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Gettysburg Address) by Voiceovers Unlimited team members
Zim Music Library Original background music for all moods and genres, by multiple Emmy Award-winner Bruce Zimmerman

Organizations (also see Unions)
Media Communications Association - International An association of media professionals, with local chapters, for networking, getting business and socializing, worldwide.
Society of Voice Arts and Sciences The mission of Society Of Voice Arts And Sciences™ (SOVAS™ ) is to connect job seekers to the consummate sources of training, education, mentoring and employment opportunities required to create and sustain a successful career in the voiceover industry. This is accomplished through the ongoing development and administration of programs featuring educational events, financial scholarships, job placement, meaningful networking opportunities and awards recognition through the Voice Arts™ Award program.
Women In Animation Non-profit organization for creative people in animation, including voice actors, animators, production management and writers. North America chapters are in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Canada. (WoVO) The World-Voices Organization (WoVO) is a non-profit, member-driven international association of voice actors. Through chapters and national programs, WoVO works to inform and educate about best practices, standards for ethical conduct and professional expertise. We communicate voice acting's importance to the public and business leaders and affirm the power of professional quality voicing and recording, and inspire through articles, portfolios, recognition of achievement and excellence. We represent and advocate for the profession and stimulate discussion within the industry through events, social media and websites.

Speech & Diction Aids - Online
AudioEloquence Directory of research and pronunciation websites, categorized by topic and language, plus interactive reference works (human voiced) and (last resort) synthesized voice text-to-speech translators. Free audio pronunciations for vowels and other sounds, in 9 English accents (American, Canadian, British, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Australian, Indian and South African), plus Spanish, French, French Canadian, German, Swiss German, Italian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, Mandarin and Thai.
Forvo "All the words in the world. Pronounced."
ingolo English pronunciation guide to the names of people, places and stuff
Merriam-Webster Dictionary Look up pronunciations and meanings online - including audio pronunciations for words followed by a red audio icon. Free services include lookups in the Dictionary, Thesaurus, Spanish/English, and Medical sections.
Pronounce Names - The Dictionary of Name Pronunciation An online dictionary of how to pronounce peoples' names
Say How? A Pronunciation Guide to Names of Public Figures Online project of the National Library Service, based on many thousands of records compiled by voice actor Ray Hagen (
The ABC Book, A Pronunciation Guide Online dictionary of acronyms, brand names, corporations and more - featuring pronunciation and brief description. Hosted by the National Library Service.
YouTube Why not? Search videos to hear how others say the word (but don't get sidetracked).

Talent - Demo Samples
Abraham, Erick Television Promos, TV Commercials, Radio Commercials, Alternative Rock, Auto Dealer, Concert, Narration, On-Hold Messaging
Abshire, Penny Commercial, Industrials/Narration, Telephone Messaging, Medical Narration, The VoiceOver Team
Adams, CJ Character & Commercial Demo
Alburger, James Commercials, Industrial/Narration, Message-On-Hold, Medical, The VoiceOver Team - Commercial, The VoiceOver Team - Industrial/Narration
Amador, Rosi Spanish & English: Narration, Commercial, Informational, Music/Misc.
Audioline Professional voice-over talent providing voice-overs for jingles and voice-overs for caller-on-hold systems.
Austine, Gary Animations
Barber, Nicola British Voice Talent - Corporate Videos, Commercials, Audiobook Narration, IVR-Phone System, Industrials
Basanyi, Trish Commercial, Narration, Promos/Imaging, On-Hold
Beam, Bobbin Narration, Characters, Commercials, Telephone, Quick Generic, Political, Station Imaging, Promos, Audiobooks
Bently, Neil British: Audio Projects, Television Sponsorship & Branding
Berakah, David Commercial, Narration
Bergen, Bob Commercials, Cartoons, Promo, Trailer, Narration, Radio Imaging, plus spots and Bob's Animation Video Demo
Bernstein, Janeane Commercials, Animation, Station Imaging. And catch the link to her weekly gig on ChickChat Radio - a nationally syndicated XM satellite show (Fridays, 1 p.m. PST) Channel 155, and the Lifestyle Talk Radio Network.
Beste, Neil Neil Beste, Fasttalker, Aussie, Thoughtful
Birdsall, Diana Commercial, Narration, E-Learning, Corporate
Blade, Rick Minute Montage and spots including TV and Radio Commercials, Documentary Narration, Trailers, Corporate and Training Videos, Courses, Web and Internet Audio, Podcasts, Telephony, Audiobooks, Characters
Brown, Angela Client samples: Commercials (North American & British), Audiobooks, E-Learning Modules, Auto Attendant, Radio Imaging
Buck, Jamie Trailer, Commercial, Radio Imaging, Network Promo
Buettner, Jeff Promo, Commercial, Animation, Narrative
Campbell, Colin Historic-Nostalgic, "Dialogue" with Cira Larkin, Docu-Drama, Characters, Variety, Audiobooks, Retail, Radio Imaging
Carson, Keith Commercials
Casey, Kelli Commercials, Wide Variety Imaging, Narration & Informercials, On Hold, Upbeat, Sexy, Fun Stuff, Believeable, Radio Imaging, TV
Cashman, Marc Hit the "VoiceCat" tab for Commercials, Narration, Trailers, Animation I, Animation II, Promos, Audiobook Excerpt
Cedars, Deby Commercial, Characters, Narrative, Jingles & Songs
Ciulla, Michael Voiceman Sampler, Industrial Mix, Car Spot Mix, Commercials I, Commercials II, Car Spots, Voiceman Sings
Clamp, James British Voice Talent/Actor: Commercial, Narration, Industrial, TV Commercial, TV Promo, TV Political
Clark, Caryn Commercial, Promo, Radio Imaging, Narration
Clock, Greg Narrations
Colletti, Cookie Commercial, Corporate, Telephone Messaging
Collins, Mitch Commercial, Car Dealer, Narration, TV Imaging, Radio Imaging, Character
Coombes-Pearce, Justin Australian: TV Promos, Radio Imaging, Commercials
Cooper, DB Commercials, Characters, Imaging, Narrations
Costa, Heather Commercial, Narration
Courvoisier, Dave Commercial & Character Voices, Audio/Visual Presentation, Youthful Pitchman, Radio Spot, Phone On-Hold
Cox, Randy Commercials
Daniel, Terry Commercial, Narration, Jingles
de Nance, Doug Promo, Trailer, Imaging, Commercial, Narration, Clients
de Nesnera, Liz English & French: English - Commercial, Narration, IVR/Telephony; French - Narration, IVR/Telephony
Dheere, Tom Commercials, Audiobook, Radio Drama, Corporate Narration, Medical Narration
DiGioia, Melissa Client samples: Commercials (TV & Radio), Business PowerPoint, Web Site Narration, Voice Mail
Dodin, Claire English and French demos. English: Medley, Children. French: Commercials, Narrations, IVR/On-Hold, Audiobook, Children & Characters.
Dratva, Matt Commercial, Narration, TV & Radio Commercials, Accents, Narration (French Canadian), Animation, Character, E-Learning, Singing & Jingles, On-Hold Messaging
Drew, Peter Radio and TV imaging
Dunn, W. Thomas Promo, Commercial, Narration, Audiobook
Eagle, Eddie Movie-TV-DVD; Hi-Tech Narration; World Culture Narration; Science TV Narration; Podcast; All Music, VO & EFX
Edwards, Kara Commercial, Animation
Elmore, Mike Commercial, Promos, Narration, Character, Imaging, On Hold
Estanga, Carlos Spanish: Showtime, Telemundo, Disney, Corporate, Theatre, On-Hold Music, Promos, Romantic, Demos Mix, TV Commercials
Exelberth, Melissa Commercial, Promo, Narration, Corporate Narration, Spanish, Imaging/Rock, Imaging AC/Hot AC, Imaging/News Talk
Feldman, Jim Commercial, Character, On-Hold, Audiobook
Field, Keely Rene Commercial, Commercial Samples
Fisher, Earl Commercial, Character, Animation, Narration, Mature, Singing
Fishman, Daniel Commercial, Promo
Garcia, Cynthia Narration, Commercial
Garcia, Luis Spanish: Commercials, On-Hold. VIDEO - News, Commercials. ENGLISH: Commercial
Garling, Warren Narrative, Commercial
Gelder, Jeff Commercial, Medical, Radio/TV Imaging, Concert, Hard Sell, Narration, Podcast, CD-ROM/Web, Soft Meditation, Characters, Trailer, Telephony
Gentzler, Ed Commercial, Narration, Telephone
George, Johnny Commercial, Auto, Character, Retail, Podcast, Games/Videos, Narrative, Marketing On-Hold, Political, Big Brother TV Image. VIDEO: TV spots. Movie Trailer, Web Presentations.
Gettig, Anthony Commercial, Narration, IVR, Message On Hold
Gibson, David Marcus Corporate, Commercial, Movie Trailer, Political
Golden Knight Media Commercial demos of five voice actors: Isaiah Knight, Jim Arnold, Tina DiMarco, Jackie Howard, Parks Stamper
Goldman, Jill GoldiVOX - Commercial, Narration
Goode, D.C. Commercials, Characters, Promo, Trailers, Disney Trailers, Industrial Narration, TV Narration
Grattan, Debbie Commercial, Character, Narration, Promo
Grove, John Commercial, Compilation
Harrision, Mike Narrations - Corporate/Industrial, Narrations - Medical/Pharm, Narrations - e-Learning, Audio Books, Documentaries, Commercials, Characters, IVR/On-Hold Messaging, Radio Imaging, Radio Production
Harte, Moneen Daley Commercial, Narration, Telephony, Promos, Self Help, Characters, Audiobooks
Haynes, Melanie Commercial, Corporate, On Hold, Character, Tutorial, Liners, TV Promo
Hedgepeth, Carl Narration / Documentary
Hess, Neil K. Commercial, eLearning
Hoem, Rick Commercial, Promo, Narration, Audiobook
Hoffman, Marie Corporate Narration, eLearning, Promos, IVR/Telephony, Audiobooks
Houston, David Commercial, Narration, Radio Imaging, Clerks 2 Trailer
Hovey, Joan Hall Commercial / Narration / Audiobook
Hunt, Lou Commercials, Narrations, Characters, Promos, Infomercials, Dialogues, Phone Messages
Hurst, Daniel Eduardo Commercials - English & Spanish, Narration - English & Spanish, Auto Sales
Ikonen, Kim Swedish & English: Corporate, Commercial, Narration
Ives, Philip Broadcast, Narrations, Extended Demo
Jones, Melody Promo, Commercial-Announce, Commercial-Character, Animation, Narration, Audiobooks, Radio Imaging, Video Games, Jingles
Jordan, Bob Audio Samples, Commercial, Narration, Audiobook, Character, Political
Jurcevic, Suzana 'Suzy' Animation, Commercial, Radio Imaging
Katz, Laurel Commercial, Medical, Narration, Political
Keesling, Kathleen "Kat" Industrial & Training, Commercial, Phone / Voice Mail / IVR / Messages on Hold
Keller, James Commercial, Corporate, Narrative Samples
Kelly, Denise Commercial, Narration Biz, Narration Docu, Imaging Radio, Imaging Demo, Promo Demo, On Hold Demo, Educational Demo
Kelly, Rich Corporate, e-Learning, Commercial, Direct Response, Website Audio, Telephony, In-Store, Dramatic Narrative, Character, Tongue Twisters, Disclaimers
Klemolin, Kelly Commercial, Narration
Klug, John Commercial, Narration, Station Imaging, Character
LaMantia, Lorenzo Commercial, Narration
Lang, Nathan Commercial, Promo, Narration, Audiobooks, eLearning, What's New, Latest Work
Larson, Scott Click AUDIO, then Commercial Voice
Lin, Paula Commercials, Documentaries / Narrations, Audiobooks, Voice Mail / Phone Systems (English and French), Corporate Presentations / Podcasts / Videos, Online Tutorials, Movie Trailer / TV Network
Lintonbon, Stefania Audiobook, British, Character, Commercial, Narration, Corporate, Japanese, Radio Imaging, Voicemail, e-Learning
Lisa, Mona Minute Montage and spots including TV and Radio Commercials, Audiobooks, Radio IDs/Imaging/Promos, Documentary Narration, Trailers, Corporate and Training Videos, E-Learning, Web and Internet Audio, Podcasts, Telephony, Characters.
Liston, Vicki Commercial, Narration, Promo, Telephony, Imaging
Lynn, Celia Narration, eLearning, Audiobooks, Commercial, Narration, On-Hold
Marchewka, Natasha Commercial, Narration
McGill, Max Trailers, Commercials, Station Affiliates, Radio Full, Promos, Political, Narration, Country
McKitrick, Mary C. Commercial, Narration, Accent, Medical & Health Care Narration, Character Voices, More Characters, Air Checks, German
Melley, John Voiceover, Character, Industrial, Promo/Trailer, Audiobook, Gaming
Merritt, Diane Radio Commercials, TV Commercials, On-Hold Messaging, Narrations/Presentations, Podcasts, Tutorials, Documentaries, Real Estate, Audio Books, Imaging
Miller, Terry "Tunes" Commercial, Industrial/Narrative, Audiobooks
Montesi, Andrew General Demo
Moore, Jacob Commercial, Narration, Promo, Telephony, Character
Nagler, Kathy Hilarious! From a stand-up comic: Radio, Stand-Up Comedy, Cartoons and more
Nance, Thomas Radio, Audiobook Narration, PSA's, Southern Accents
Nelson, Mandy Audio Samples
O'Connell, Peter Commercial, Narration, Political, Animation, Radio & TV imaging, Podcast, On-Hold. VIDEO: TV Commercials
Paul, Xavier Promo, TV Imaging, Urban Imaging, Urban Spots, Urban Automotive Radio Show, Audiobook Narration, Network Commercials, Radio Imaging, News, Auto Spots, Corporate Narration
Perez, Mauricio Latin American Spanish: Commercials, Telephone Systems, Radio & TV ID's, Audiobook, English (with Spanish Accent), Corporate Narration
Phoenix, Hunter Commercials, Animation, Narration, Audio Books, Phone / IVR System
Plumey, Pablo Spanish language Commercial, Narration, Characters
Radcliffe, Nick British voice - natural or with accents: Commercial, Documentary Narration, Corporate Narration, On Line Education, Self-Guided Tours, IVR-Telephone Messaging
Rounds, George Commercial, Narrative
Rowan, Robin Commercials, Narration, British Narration, Audiobooks, Documentaries
Ryan, Jeremy Radio Imaging, Trailer, Commercial, spots
Saco, Nikki Generic Sampler - English, Generic Sampler - Spanish, Audiobook / Documentary, Children's, Corporate, On-Hold / Voicemail, Medical
Samuels, Ronald Commercial, Video, Narrative, On Hold
Schoen, Michael Commercials 1 & 2, Narrations, Promos, Movie Trailers
Sciglimpaglia, Robert Commercials, Narration. VIDEO: TV Commercials.
Scofield, Allen Commercial, Narration, Trailer, Telephone, In-Store
Shaw, Jack Commercial, Narration, Character, Promo
Sheppard, Erik Commercial, Promo, Narration, Phone
Shurian, Scott Narration, Commercial
Simmons, Tonya Commercial, Narrative
Singer, Elaine Audiobooks - Fiction & Non-Fiction, Commercial, Corporate Narration, E-Learning, Documentaries, Podcast
Small, Cyntha Narration, Commercial
Smith, Finley Commercial, Narration
Smith, Scott Characters, Commercials, More Characters, Narration, U.K. Voices, Australian Voices, Radio Imaging, Copywriting, Production
Snyder, Josh Commercial, Character
Snyder, Kim Commercial, Narration/Industrial, Imaging, Jingles
Souer, Bob Commercials, Narration
Specht, Jon Commercial, Industrial, Narration & Infomercial, Phone Prompts, Radio, TV image
Stanzione, Carol Commercial, Promo, Video Game, Video Instruction, Travel Web
Stout, Jewel Commercial, Promo
Szymanski, Joe TV Promo, Commercial, Character, Country, AC/Hot, Classic Hits, Rock/Alt, News
Terwilliger, Connie Commercials, Traditional Announcer, Corporate Narration, Training, Audiobooks, Character, Voicemail / IVR, On Hold, Radio Imaging, Political. VIDEO: TV commercials
Thomas, Joe J. Commercial, Animation, Phone Message, British Character, Book Promo
Thomas, Trey Overview Demo
Tremaine, Roger General Demo, Narration, Instructional / e-Learning
Trussell, Barry Commercial, Narration, E-Learning, Video Games, Mixed Bag
Udowitz, Kristen Soft Sell, Characters, Conversational, Technical, Political, High Energy, Medical, CD-ROM training, various spots
Upton, Laura Advertising, Industrial, Narration, Vocal Montage
VanSlyke, Rich Active Rock, Alternative, Classic Hits, Oldies, Hot A/C, Jack, Triple A, Classic Rock, News/Talk, Sports, Commercial, Jingles, Distortion
Vaughn, Jennifer Narration, TV Promo, Radio Imaging, Commercials, On-Hold
Velez, Wilma Complete, TV, Telephone, Narration, Jingles, Radio, In-Store, Characters, DJ Tag
Victor, Ed Retail Automotive, Automotive, TV/Radio Imaging, Long Form/Industrial, Character, Movie Trailer, Full Demo Reel
Washer, Wendell Commercial, Promotional
Watson, Rosemary Animation, Kid's Narration, "Madison Avenue Voices," Phone Messages, Narrations, Poem, "That Hillary Show"
Wayne Larry Movie Trailer, Jurrasic Fight Club, Civil War Documentary, Software, Online Training, Humanitarian Organizations, Narration, Medical Software, Soft Sell, Hard Sell, Audiobook, Cartoon Voices, Political, More ...
Westra, Jill Commercial, Narration
White, Larry Demos with Commercials (radio, TV), Promos, Messages-on-Hold, Jingles, Narration
Wilson, Tina Commercials, Narration, Vocals
Wood, Laurie Voice Mix, TV Commercials, Radio Commercials, Narration, Business Presentations & Corporate Videos, Phone Messaging
Zinchak, Karl Commercial, Documentary, Training & Educational, Narration, TV News, Radio Infomercial
Zoller, Bettye Scroll down home page to demos: Commercials, Political, Audio/Visual Film Narration, Cartoon

ACTRA Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists
AFTRA American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
SAG Screen Actors Guild
Union Contract Rates From AFTRA: Radio, TV, Non-Broadcast/Industrial, Interactive, Network Code, Sound Recordings
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