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Celebrate MO-JOE Friday Videos, Episode 102:
'Have You Found Your SOUL Mic?'

(VOXtra) -Searching for the voice over mic that's best for you can be daunting - but the effort is worth your voice in gold.

"The advice you learn from others could lead you astray," warns top VO/coach Joe Loesch. "What's right for them might not be right for you."

In today's new MO-JOE Friday Video, Joe tells how his formerly favorite mic was replaced by another that "had to practically step up and slap me in the face."

Maybe your journey will be less painful - and equally pleasantly surprising.

Click the video above to begin!


Joe Loesch is a top voice actor, narrator and voice over coach, an award-winning spoken word producer, and (... drum roll ... ) your leader at Voice-Over Booth Camp.

Joe also trains you in VoiceOverXtra webinar recordings on VO performance, character voices, and how to stay the course in a voice over career. Take a look:

And come back soon for MO-JOE!

On the first and third Friday of every month, Joe delivers MO-JOE Friday Video refills on all aspects of voice acting and succeeding in voice over to VoiceOverXtra readers. Check out past episodes here.

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Comments (2)
Memo Sauceda
8/16/2022 at 6:03 PM
Oh how true! The space you record also plays a part in it. In my 4 x 4 double walled whisper room, the 416 is more forgiving than the U87, so that's the one that sounds better in this booth.
Love your videos Joe!
Howard in UK
8/5/2022 at 8:37 AM
Not just the mic though, Joe: headphones, speaker, acoustics (recording and playback), even our individual hearing will all influence our opinion on a microphone.

And as for trialling a mic? Not here in UK, so far as I can tell. It is easy to make a big mis-step though: my first mic was the NT1A. Within budget, it screamed 'beginner' but got plenty of gigs.

Then, being an ex BBC tech, I bought a new Coles 4038 ribbon. I thought it sounded wonderful, smooth, warm, smoochy, flattering. But for my quiet voice that was a poor choice. Other people heard hiss when the top-end was boosted for a bit of 'condenser' bite.

So, now it's an AT4040 - warm and not spitty, so far as I can assess it. Just about within budget. Remember, this is England!

Anyway, thanks for all your insights over the years.
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