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Facebook Starts Posting Jobs - Check Back
For Voice Over - And Challenges YouTube

February 22, 2017

By Dave Courvoisier
Voice Actor & TV News Anchor

Jobs. Yes, jobs. Facebook is now apparently openly challenging LinkedIn, Monster, UpWork, Craigslist and everybody else who is even pretending to be a place to find work.

That's significant. Why? Because Facebook is the undeniable freakin' juggernaut of the social media world!!!

No one seems to quite know where Zuckerberg is going with this. Early critics are not very complimentary, and clearly this is a rudimentary start - but this is how FB does things, and then they watch it grow.

Just go to, and put in your search parameters - "where" and "what" - and watch the results roll in. Oh, and you can filter by country, too. 

As of right now, there are over 1,700 listings. 'Didn't see any voice acting jobs. Yet.

An article at the link below describes the new service.


Maybe the bigger change at Facebook is more full-featured tools for posting video. 

This is an area where they are moving aggressively, trying to convince people that YouTube is no longer the go-to service for video.

For several months, now, FB has been rewarding users for posting native videos to FB first, rather than just linking to them from YouTube. Now, they're offering a picture-in-picture function, a video app for TV, a video autoplay feature, and a bigger format for watching vertically-oriented videos on your smartphone. 

That last one is gaining momentum elsewhere online - 'cause people just. can't. seem. to remember to turn their phone sideways.


Finally, not Facebook, but certainly an up-and-coming social media platform that keeps gaining traction despite the fact that no one over the age of 32 gets it: SnapChat is now selling the same kind of spectacles that record video that Google Glass introduced months and months ago.

Why should you care? 

Look: the future comes at us in spoonfuls. You can skip this one or that one, but sooner or later, you look around and realize that your soup bowl is empty and you're still hungry. 

Ya gotta keep up with this stuff incrementally. Some of it's gonna pan out, and others will fall flat. But lately there's been an explosion of device, software, and social media innovation, and frankly, I find it fascinating.

See Frugal Guidance article about how the new Facebook service works.

Dave Courvoisier is an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, writer, producer, voice actor, and the main weeknight news anchor on KLAS-TV, Channel 8, the Las Vegas CBS affiliate. He also writes Voice-Acting in Vegas, a daily blog of voice over adventures, observations and technology, and is author and publisher of the book, More Than Just A Voice: The Real Secret To VoiceOver Success. And (when does he sleep?) he is also current president of the World-Voices Organization, the non-profit association of voice actors.

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Comments (2)
Rebecca Haugh
3/5/2017 at 6:53 AM
Thanks Dave, I appreciate the update and the extra links. I agree with you about sampling the things that come out, and some stay and some fade away. And some come back! Look at vinyl records and polaroid cameras. Then there's Facebook, MySpace... Vine, Snapchat... It's a fluid digital world right now.
2/22/2017 at 8:20 PM
Thanks Dave...this IS serious news. When FB jumps into something, it suddenly becomes "important." I think it's part of a trend in the "communication" industry.

Have you noticed how Trump has taken to Twitter to communicate DIRECTLY to the people and not have to deal with the conventional press? Think about retirement, Dave. I don't think the tv news we've known going to be relevant in ten years! =)
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