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Change Is Risky But Means
Progress - So Embrace It

By Bobbin Beam
Voice Actor

I was having a conversation with my daughter about life's changes. 

She's never been fond of them. She often wishes things could either go back to the way they were or just stay the same, and she'd be happy.

I countered by saying that sure, it's easy to get lulled into a comfort zone, but it's not a realistic place to be. 


The only way you can move forward in life is to change. Change is inevitable. 

I told her to consider embracing change and to see what happens. 

Heck, I sometimes I wish I still looked like I did at 29, but you know, I've grown to like the skin I'm in. 


Sure I often feel like a young mind trapped in an older body, but I am still vital and feel more wise. I can "see" things better.  

I'm a champion of change. Change means I'm alive. 

Changing things up requires a risk. And why not aspire to get to a new level?


The comfort I find in risk is the anchor point I call my "Why." Why do I bother with running this voice over business? 

It beats working for anyone else and I'll never face a layoff ever again. (I had my fill of that a couple of times during my stint in radio years ago.) 

And I love acting and creativity. I feel that working with my voice and earning a living with my microphone is something I was meant to do from early on. 


So I celebrate that each day I'm alive.

It was a lengthy conversation I had with myself to consider my personal responsibilities in discovering my "Why." But in the end I realized that I needed to take that risk and take control while being open to change. 

I refuse to place blame on the economy, or politics, budget constraints, etc. It's pointless to lay blame on any external forces, real or contrived.


If I fail or have a slump, I must look at myself. Maybe I'm not listening to my gut. Or not tackling my own laziness or weaknesses. 

I'll look at myself and have an honest self-talk and know what's happening. 

So when I'm not working in my business inside my booth, I'll get working on my business. I'll take another class, work on new demo updates, and put on my marketing hat when the mic is off.

So my "why" is crystal clear. 


My daughter plays a role, as do the rest of my family, my friends and clients. 

And I must pay close attention to all that is going on around me. And be an agent of change. If I fail, I'll fail forward and learn to do better next time, or better yet, just refuse to fail.

And I'll never rest on my successes. Change results in progress. And comes with risk. I must embrace it.

Anyway, no one's going to die as a result. So "WHY" not?


Bobbin Beam is a very active voice talent, based in the San Diego - Los Angeles area, who specializes in projects for broadcast and business. She also writes a very entertaining and informative blog, Bobbin's Blog.
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Comments (5)
Judy Fossum
4/16/2012 at 1:08 PM
Hello Bobbin,

Thank you for this true "kick in the pants".

I am not sure who to thank for the quote, but it goes something like, "If it is to be, it's up to me." You exemplified this perfectly in your article. It is our responsibility to make our business work on all levels (of course we get help from many people, but seeking out that help is something we need to do as it does not just fall in one's lap), to look smack in the mirror to see how we can improve (I have got some work to do in this realm, that is for sure).

Change is a constant and there will always be things to improve and to learn about. Thank you for this reminder to not be afraid of this, but rather to look at it as an opportunity.

Have a great week,

Judy Fossum
Judy Fossum VoiceOvers
Cheyenne, WY
Vanessa Hart
4/14/2012 at 1:41 PM
So, so true! This is true no matter your choice of career but I think it's imperative for an artist. Thank you sharing your wise words!
Jane Ingalls
4/13/2012 at 7:11 PM
Hi Bobbin,
Thank you! You've given me a new way to think about taking risks. From now on I'm going to "fail forward!"
Jane Ingalls
Bobbin Beam
4/13/2012 at 1:47 PM
You're such a wordsmith! Thanks for your kind thoughts & have a "joy-filled" weekend! I know you will ;)
Bobbin Beam
Linda Joy
4/13/2012 at 12:46 PM
Hi Bobbin,

Very wise WHYs!

Thanks :)

Linda Joy
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