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Sorry, But Being 'Good Enough' Isn't
Enough To Make It In Voice Overs Today
March 18, 2017

By Rob Marley
Voice Actor

Every person who starts a career in the voice over business (or any business, really) is taught essentially the same thing: to be successful, you have to provide a quality product, have a solid marketing and business plan, and be consistent with your work. 


If all you do is provide a quality product and be consistent with what you do, you'll be run over by people who want to succeed more than you do.

Goals are an important part of the process. But it's that other part - the actual work - that people tend to overlook.

Look, nothing is handed to you. (At least nothing worth holding onto, anyway.) If you want to succeed, you need more than just a goal. You have to want it with everything you have and dedicate yourself to pursuing that goal. Constantly.


When it comes to voice over, getting the audition in on time and providing a decent delivery and clean audio is good, but "good" is not enough to win the audition.

You have to be better than good; you have to be the best.

And being the best requires commitment to working day in and day out. It means:
  • Practicing and developing your voice over skills.
  • Getting coaching from a respected coach and absorbing what they teach you. And,
  • Working your ass off on finding leads, contacting those leads and being dedicated to constantly pursuing those leads - showing them with your talent and perseverance that you're not just a good voice, you're the PERFECT voice for their project.

Woody Allen said that "80 percent of success is showing up."

That may be true, but it's the other 20% that makes the difference. It's that other 20% that decides whether you succeed or fail. It's the 20% that involves the hard work. It's this 20% where the sweat equity comes into play.

You want to be successful in voice over? You want that six figure income, while working in your pajamas? You want to be picked to be the next voice for some product, or a national commercial?

Okay... what are you doing to make that happen? Because "good enough" isn't.
A Los Angeles native, Rob Marley is an accomplished voice talent, producer and writer, now living in the hill country of Austin TX.



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Comments (1)
Ralph Gardner
5/18/2017 at 5:19 AM
Thanks, Rob, for another great, insightful article. I'm 68 and have been working on the 'acting side' and VO skills for a few years, working with a really great guy who has 30+ years in the business. I'm launching myself by end of July with a fairly full-time effort and I'm prepared.

Your comments and wisdom are direct and very much appreciated...thanks again
Ralph Gardner
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