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Who's Resolving What For 2010?
The Rez Wrap: TAKE THREE ...
OK - it's time to wrap up VoiceOverXtra's mini-series of VO Resolutions for 2010, with TAKE THREE, below, featuring James Clamp, Vanessa Hart, Marc Cashman and Roger King. 
But we'll be watching to make sure you keep your promises!
James Clamp
1)  Increase my training with Marla Kirban from twice a month to once a week starting on January 11th
2)  Audition at least 10 times a day starting January 4th
3)  Attend Kenny Wong's fitness boot camp every Monday and Wednesday for at least the next six months from January 4th so I don't huff and wheeze if I take the stairs (alright, so that's not directly related to voice acting but anyway ...)
4)  Read up, research and really understand how my vocal cords work and what they require to keep healthy before the end of January 2010
5)  Perfect practice, practice, practice every day for at least two hours starting January 4th - these styles: commercial, promo, corporate, narration, audiobook
1)  Read the two books I just bought on SEO and SEM before the end of January 2010
2)  Increase my web presence with an updated and improved web site before the end of February 2010, using knowledge gained in point one.
3)  Speak to 20 new cold contacts a week (up from my current 10) starting in week one
4)  Personally and individually email all my regular contacts updating them on what I've been up to, and reminding them that I'm here to help them if they need me. Do this calendar year quarterly (up from six monthly)
5)  One hour a day on the web. Continue to devour the glut of information online regarding Voice Acting, including but not limited to Philip Banks, JS Gilbert, Pete O'Connell and Bob Souer's (O'Mighty One's) blogs and all related links (isn't that almost what Liz de Neznera wrote?)
I could go on but I need time for the wife and kids ...
Vanessa Hart
1)  More one-on-one vocal tune-ups and seminars with my favorite coaches
2)  Work on my stamina for long-form narration and audiobooks
3)  Get my animation and promo demos finished
1)  Consistently deliver more than the client expects
2)  Take on more private students - as I'm finding it truly rewarding. Every student teaches me something new or reminds me of something I've forgotten
3)  Find and hire the perfect editor
4)  Break out of my comfortable audiobook zone by seeking out new publishers & producers
5)  More, more and more marketing!
6)  Remember to be thankful for every client, student, friend and opportunity that I'm given
Marc Cashman
My 2010 New Year's Resolutions:

1)  Upgrade my home studio
2)  Become more techno-literate
3)  Tackle a genre of V-O that I've never done before
4)  Pronounce 2010 as "twenty-ten"
Roger King

An aspiring voice talent called my business line at 11:57 p.m. on New Years Eve. She did not leave a message but followed up a few minutes later with an email, asking about representation. Now, I figure this is someone taking the idea of getting a head start on New Years Resolutions a little too seriously.

At any rate, in the spirit of the voice talents who have "Obtain a new voice agent" at the top of their New Years Resolutions, I now present: New Years Resolutions of a Voice Talent Agent:

1)  I will blog more often, and every post will be its own version of riveting
2)  I will respond to voice talents seeking representation in a timely manner
3)  I will not surf the web aimlessly during business hours
4)  I will define "timely" ASAP (see #2)
5)  I will network more but only authentically
6)  I will not call-screen annoying clients
7)  I will not cruelly tease the talents I represent by telling them I'm thinking of lowering the agency commission rate
8)  I will finally assemble a Punjabi voice roster for 
9)  I will not forward horrendously bad voice demos to colleagues for comedic purposes
10)  I will schedule more lunches with clients of my voice talent agency and actually pick up the tab on occasion
11)  I will show great appreciation and deep affection for all talents on my roster, 365 days a year
12)  I will look at this list at least three times after February 1st

That's a wrap! Thanks to everyone for sharing your plans and comments. Now - Good Luck!
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