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Cast of Global Voice Talent Produces
PSA For Philippine Relief Effort

November 14, 2013

By Derek Chappell

Voice Actor

Life-changing events happen to each of us every day. Whether it’s a person or persons you meet, or a catastrophic natural disaster, your reaction to the way your life is changed by these events is what the ‘journey of life’ is all about.

The recent events in the Philippines, with the death and devastation caused by Typhoon Yolanda, the most intense storm to strike the planet in centuries, was truly life-changing for voice talent and resident, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales - pictured here helping in recovery efforts.

The area in which Pocholo lives did not take the direct hit that the southern provinces endured. His infrastructure and ability to communicate with the outside world was still intact.

Feeling compelled to do something to help his fellow countrymen and women, Pocholo already had the resources available in his friends from the voice over community. Specifically he called upon friends Herb Merriweather, Andy Boyns and Mehmet Onur, his roommates during VOICE 2012 at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA.


These friends and others had produced a PSA for a previous natural disaster in the Philippines, and even started a Facebook page called, Let’s Talk About The Philippines.

Having that source already in place made it easier to facilitate the production of the PSA (below) in light of the horrific events following the beating the islands have taken following Yolanda.

Pocholo explains, "I believe that as a voice over artist in the Philippines and the only one who's doing this, I have the responsibility and the will to do such a PSA to inform the world about what happened in my country, how the worst typhoon in the world affects my countrymen, and how the other people can help.”

He further expresses, "I believe that with the help of the voice over artists around the world, we can reach them by informing them about the importance of helping and contributing from our own small effort.”


Herb Merriweather wrote the initial script, which was then edited and finalized by Pocholo.

Herb explained to me why he felt compelled to help his VOICE roommate, Pocholo, whom he also considers a ‘brother’:

"This is what we do. As those with a voice and talented enough to use it, we can be the voice of help. We have the means and ability to communicate a message like this that needs to be told and shared with everyone to help facilitate the process of relief and aid.”

Pictured above: The VOICE roommate 'brothers' - Andy, Mehmet, Herb and Pocholo.


I spoke with Pocholo this morning, as he was helping with the relief operations.

It is a heart-breaking and emotional scene. Entire communities and families have literally been washed away. Bodies and body bags line the rubble, as fathers, mothers and others look for their loved ones. Food is scarce in many areas.

It looks like Hell on Earth!

So many times, we as individuals, living so far removed from a disaster such as this, want to help, but ask ourselves, "What could I really do that’s going to make a difference?” Individually, there may not be much, other than your own monetary donation to one of the relief organizations, which is STILL a help. Every dollar counts.

But there’s also strength in numbers. And there’s strength in the VO community, which time and time again has shown the willingness to get involved, roll up the sleeves, and support those who need it, with the time, talent, and resources we’ve been blessed with.


I encourage you to make a difference by sharing this video across any and all social media resources you have. Here's the link:

Encourage others to help, and donate - for instance, to the Red Cross Philippines.

Encourage the people of the Philippines and the aid crews on the ground, by showing them there is a global community who cares, and is willing to do what it can with the resources it has, to spread the word and aid in the relief efforts.

It may not seem like much if you just his ‘share’ or if you ‘retweet’ this article, but it may be seen by someone who wasn’t going to help until they received your encouragement to do so.

And it surely means a lot to people like Pocholo, who didn’t ask for such a catastrophic, life-changing event, to know they’re not alone on this ‘journey of life’ they now find themselves having to navigate.
Derek Chappell is a voice talent and attorney residing in Ottawa, KS. He provides voice overs for many businesses, specifically explainer videos, product tutorials, radio & TV commercials, industrial narrations, and telephone systems. He also pens a valuable resource with his voiceover blog, The Voice of Your Business. In his law practice, he has represented injured workers in the state of Kansas for 20 years, obtaining proper medical treatment and compensation for their permanent disabilities. In his spare time, Derek enjoys spending time with his wife, Rhonda, daughters, Abby & Gracie, sons, Justin, Ryan, Kyle, & Tyler, as well as his granddaughter, Raegan. He is also a die-hard Kansas Jayhawk basketball fan!


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Comments (3)
Evelyn Del pilar Agujar
11/18/2013 at 11:08 PM
Keep it up, Pocholo, the brave one can give everyone an inspiration. God Bless you all.
Andy Boyns
11/15/2013 at 4:47 AM
Excellent article, Derek. Pocholo is an amazing ambassador for the people of the Philippines. If we each reflected just a small fraction of the energy he gives to helping others, the world would be a better place. Please share this creatively - why not ask your local TV stations if they could broadcast the PSA this weekend?
11/14/2013 at 6:50 PM
Thank you so much. VOICECARES! God bless you all.
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