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What Do You Learn In A Voice Over Workday?
Check Tracy Lindley's 'Tracy's Tips' Videos!

(VOXtra) - A voice actor's workday isn't all about voice over. Life happens. And everything gets mingled and related to get us through the day.

Voice actor Tracy Lindley takes a look at all this in a series of short Tracy's Tips videos that you might enjoy on her YouTube channel.

In the videos she answers questions that VO colleagues and newcomers ask her, along with observations on everyday life.

"Topics range from things I hear from clients, things that help me in my marketing efforts, practical things and more emotional things, and other bite-size nuggets of truth from my booth to yours," she says.

"Take what you want, leave what you don't," she offers. "Maybe you'll appreciate these snapshots of things that come up during my workday. Enjoy!"    
Tracy Lindley is a full-time voice actor and mother of four living in the Kansas City area. She has been the voice of's content videos since 2017, and also enjoys voicing projects for the Kansas City Royals, Hewlett Packard, Uber Eats, Facebook, Google, and many more. She is no stranger to the fine art of finding business in a flyover state, which is why she  is a strong advocate of direct marketing. Her platform of choice? LINKEDIN! And she offers an on-demand e-course, The LinkedIN Edge, about successful use of LinkedIN for voice over marketing (see link below).

LinkedIN e-course:

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Comments (1)
Jackie Linn
5/12/2022 at 12:19 PM
Just checked out Tracy's Tips! She's helpful, positive and awesome!
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