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What Influences Voice Seekers To Hire
You Online? Surveys Clients …
March 17, 2008
In an online voice-over audition, what single factor is most likely to get you hired for the job?
You guessed it: the audition demo. But your fee can also be a red or green flag to voice seekers.
This finding and many more were released in report today by - the online marketplace for voice talent and voice seekers - following the company’s recent survey of voice-seeker clients.
The Client Experience Report “focuses specifically on how clients (buyers) use to search for, audition and hire voice-over talent (sellers), as well as the most important factors taken into account during the hiring process,” explains.
Stephanie Ciccarelli, VP of Marketing at, adds that the survey - which represents clients from” all industries and applications of voice-over” - was conducted from Jan. 1 to March 10 this year, and involves 1,372 records.
Here are highlights of the survey questions and responses:
Most Important Factor When Hiring A Voice Talent
  • Demo: 83.7%
  • Quote: 15.5%
  • Other: 0.3%
Factors That Influenced Your Decision
  • Demo alone: 46.6%
  • Demo and quote: 43.6%
  • Demo, quote and proposal: 7.8%
  • Demo and talent web site: 3.9%
  • Stated other factors: 17.4%
Do You Prefer A Custom Voice-Over Demo?
  • Yes: 78.3%
  • Doesn’t matter: 11.6%
  • No: 7.2%
How Many Auditions Did You Review?
  • All of them: 35.4%
  • 1-20: 31.2%
  • 20-50: 22.9%
  • 50-100: 10.4%
Did You Receive Too Many Auditions?
  • Just the right amount: 62.6%
  • Too many: 21.7%
  • Not enough: 15.7%
Do You Use The Favorites Feature To Keep Organized?
  • Always: 34.7%
  • Didn’t know I could do that: 30.6%
  • Sometimes: 22.4%
  • Never: 12.2%
Would You Use The SurePay Escrow Service?
  • Yes: 40.9%
  • Maybe: 18.1%
  • Don’t know what SurePay is: 18.1%
  • No: 14.5%
  • Other: 8.4%
What Was Your Last Method Payment When Hiring A Voice Talent At
  • SurePay via
  • Directly to talent via PayPal: 25.5%
  • Directly to talent via Invoice or Check: 19.1%
  • Didn’t hire a talent: 17%
To see these questions and responses graphed, download a PDF of the report at
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