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VOICE 2012: Day 5
Bob Bergen Wins VOICE Community Award;
Wanted: 'Voice Actor Who is A Good Mime' ... 
June 16, 2012
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By John Florian


(VOXtra) - To thunderous applause, star voice talent and trainer Bob Bergen - the voice of Porky Pig and so many other animation characters - received the prestigious VOICE Community Award Saturday night at the VOICE 2012 conference celebrity banquet.

"As luck would have it, Bob has taken a cruise to Europe," said VOICE co-producer James Alburger in announcing the award - the third Community Award to be given at a VOICE conference.

And then to the delight of hundreds of voice actors at the dressy affair, Bergen appeared onscreen to banter with Alburger and co-producer Penny Abshire in a live video patch to him in London.

It was one of many treats at the event capping five days of voice over education and networking at the worldwide conference, staged this year at the Disneyland Hotel and Resort in Anahem, CA.

Also at the banquet, the "Kings of Cartoons" - Joe Ruby and Ken Spears (Scooby-Doo, Superman ...) were honored and interviewed about their experiences. And in yet another onstage interview, voice talents Bill Rogers and Camille Dixon - the voices of Disneyland and California Adventure - shared fascinating insights on their careers and roles at Disney.

Capping the evening, Alburger and Abshire signed off with a song (picture) and a DJ rocked the crowd (catch the photo review below).


Earlier in the day, award-winning voice talent and coach Marc Cashman (pictured) delivered belly laughs with his evolving collection of odd, weird and completely bewildering directions that voice actors receive and must interpret to the microphone.

In this collection are casting calls like: "We're auditioning for a moose," and the voice seeker who wants a voice actor who's a good mime. Go figure (and we do).

More voice over education followed, and that evening, the banquet finale.


VOICE conferences are traditionally held every two years, so the buzz is on about 2014, though no specifics have been announced.

More immediately, VoiceOverXtra and the VOICE producers are joining talents to present Voice Over Virtual - in February 2013, two fabulous days of online voice over education, networking and fun. Details to come!


Go-Go! Dawn Harvey and Elley-Ray Hennessy

Alex Apostolidis and Beverly Bremers

Mehmet Onur, Pearl Hewitt and Andy Boyns

Jeff Devitt and Judy Fossum

Margy Stein, Jack and Sheila Bair

VoiceOverXtra show staff: Christopher Lula and Nancy Florian

Voice Over Legal book team: Publisher John Florian, Editor Elizabeth Holmes, Author Robert Sciglimpaglia


Winning VoiceOverXtra's daily contest for a Voice Actors Hat:
Jaicie Kirkpatrick. Congratulations!


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Comments (1)
Darla Middlebrook
6/19/2012 at 1:14 PM
I am sooo exhausted, but I had a great time at VOICE2012. The networking opportunities were great. I had the chance to re-connect with people who encouraged me at VOICE2010 and meet more mentors at 2012. My batteries have been recharged and I am going to keep working on my career as a Voice Over Actor within the niche of audio book narration!
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