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Auditions: Prepare To Win More ...
Warm Up & Relax To Freely Express
By Bobbin Beam
Voice Actor
The real work in voice-over is crafting a flawless audition. I spend a lot of time on my auditions, which these days are more numerous than ever.
While you’ll never know for sure what the client has in his/her mind for “the voice,” you can certainly improve your chances in landing the gig - and try to synch up with the client’s vision - by preparing each audition carefully.
This is not about script breakdown, which is another fundamental aspect of the audition and delivery process.
Rather, this advice is about freeing the vocal instrument to achieve a successful performance.
I’ve been frequently doing a workout routine each day to improve my voice-over delivery.
The routine includes:
  • breathing and relaxation techniques,
  • body and neck stretches,
  • yawns,
  • lip and tongue trills, and
  • resonance and articulator drills.
Of course, each day when I wake up, I read the newspaper, and select several stories to read aloud, in order to get my brain-to-mouth engagement into motion early on, way before I head into the booth.
Coffee helps me in the wake up process, too. 
Here are additional tips for audition success:
1. Be confident. 
In any performance situation, the voice actor must have poise and confidence. This is a challenge, especially to the voice actor who auditions alone in the confines of his/her home studio.
But remember that confidence grows with every rehearsal and script preparation, whether or not you book the job.
I look at each audition as a chance to keep “my chops well-oiled.”
2. Control your tension. 
The successful performer is one who is able to control tension so that it will not interfere with performance.
3. Relax!
Relaxation is paramount! Keep practicing warm-ups. When you are warmed up, thoroughly prepared and relaxed, you’ll gain self-confidence.
4. Prepare emotionally.
Psych yourself up for the audition performance and use breathing exercises, or use some type of physical or vocal release.
6. Keep doing it.
The more experience you gain through recording auditions and listening to and critiquing your playback, the easier it is to lose your apprehension over the process.
Think of “owning” the delivery. Whether it is the audition or a booked session, a successful performer prepares, concentrates intently and executes swiftly with creativity and professional distinction.
The primary tool of the voice actor is the voice that is free of tension and anxiety, and one that is freely expressive.
Think of your warm-ups as a massage to your resonators and articulators.
A voice that is tuned up and warmed up through regular workouts and vocal exercises will help you explore your range accurately and creatively.
The more you relax, the more natural the delivery, and that just might book you the job!
Bobbin Beam is a very active voice talent, based in the San Diego - Los Angeles area, who specializes in projects for broadcast and business. She also writes a very entertaining and informative blog, Bobbin's Blog.




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