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Metrics Matter: How To Track Your Biz Progress.
Need To Shift Gears? Free Video & Worksheet

April 22, 2014

(VOXtra) - How fast is your voice over career moving? How much fuel are you using - and how much fuel remains?

In Metrics Matter - the free Video #4 (below) in VoiceOverXtra's new Voice Over Business Success eCourse taught by pro biz coach / voice actor Ron Minatrea - Ron examines how to measure, or track, the progress of your voice over career.

For instance, are you truly accomplishing your daily, weekly or monthly goals? It's hard to know that answer without collecting and analyzing the right data.

Ron compares this to driving a car. The speedometer reveals how fast you're moving ... the fuel gauge tells you what you've put into the business (expenses) and what's needed to keep moving. These are simple metrics of operating your vehicle.

Now shift to your VO business, and collect data on:
  • Revenue - by product/genre, source/channel and client
  • Expenses - by category
  • Profit or Margin
  • Booking Ratio for Auditions - by source, genre, price
  • Percent of New Clients converted to Repeat Clients
  • And more
When you consistently track this info, you'll be able to change course, shift to the fast lane, or make other adjustments to keep your career on course.

The video and hands-on worksheet (also below) explain more, and how to do this.


These free lessons are offered every Tuesday this month, leading up to hands-on, live webinars on April 29 and May 1, when we'll dive deeply into strategic action planning, how to set the right goals, and actions and measures for voice over business success.

Not just for VO beginners, this eCourse will help voice actors at any career level.

And if you register for the webinars by April 23, you will be entered in drawings for these prizes:
  • Full tuition refund (one winner will be chosen)
  • Ron Minatrea's personal review of your VO Business Action Plan (two winners chosen)
You can click here for more details and registration.
And click herefor links to earlier videos and worksheets.


Link to Worksheet #4: Metrics Matter:

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