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Eight Ways To More Jobs In A
Growing World Of Opportunities

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By Reynaldo Infante
Spanish Voice Talent and Trainer

According to the United States Census Bureau, by 2005 the Hispanic population living in North America reached 42 million. This is 14% of the total population, at a growing pace that will reach 128 million by 2050 - bringing a lot more job opportunities for neutral Spanish voice over talents.

Companies need to explain their corporate rules and policies to their "Latinos” employees, in addition to machinery-operating manuals, training, etc. - and in our language this translates to e-Learning materials, dubbing and tutorials in Spanish.

There’s also a commercial need to communicate with Latinos, and this leads to promos, commercials, movie trailers and infomercials. If we also consider video games, audiobooks and cartoons, the list of job opportunities opens up even wider for us.


But the big question is, "How can I be a part of this residing in my own country?"

So here are a few suggestions ...

1. Resolve To Re-Learn. If you are a very experienced voice talent in your own country, you must be willing to re-learn what you already know about voice overs and be aware that working for a new market is like starting all over again.

2. Find A Niche. Even when we are "trained” for voice over in general, in our countries, it is also true that specialization pays up. Identify what type of voice overs you are really good at, and try to be the best. This will take you to another level and might keep you busier and let you become top choice for your clients.

3. Re-Invent Yourself. Work on a new demo every 6 six months or so. Show yourself at your very best. Show what you can do best.

4. Build Your Home Studio. If you still do not have your own home studio, build it now, using the mics, hardware and software that best suit you.

5. Target Native Accent Markets. Neutral Spanish voice overs are in high demand. But clients also need your native accent at some point, so research U.S. communities filled with residents from your own country. Contact local ad agencies, casting directors, voice talent agencies and producers and offer your services. They’re always working on materials for that target population and might need your regional accent.

6. Look Outside U.S. Many voice agencies and production companies outside the U.S. - especially in Europe and Asia - are  producing materials in Spanish and hire neutral Spanish voice over talents. Research those companies on the Internet. You’ll be surprised at how many opportunities you find.

7. Behave On Social Media. Be discrete. If a recent voice over job has not been released by your client, do not share it via Twitter, Facebook, etc.

8. Be A Business. You are a company, so manage yourself accordingly! This is art, we are "voice actors.” But we also have bills to pay, so if we want our passion to be profitable, we must see ourselves as entrepreneurs. We must keep in mind that everything we do is our "company service.”

Establish clear objectives, plans and strategies, and set a reasonable timeline to reach all of these. This is not a high-speed race, however - it's about being persistent while learning…. and also very important: smell the flowers! Good luck!


Reynaldo "Rey" Infante is an award-winning primetime TV news anchor at Channel 37 (CDN) in the Dominican Republic, with more than 16 years of professional broadcasting experience in TV and radio. He is also a busy and popular voice actor and master of ceremonies at major live events. In 2002, he founded World Voices Studios, a multilingual audio solutions company providing voice overs and audio production worldwide. And he teaches voice over skills and marketing knowledge as a coach to Spanish voice talents.

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Comments (3)
5/10/2013 at 2:02 PM
I am new at voiceovers and find it interesting and exciting. I look forward to benefit from it for my personal growth and of course, be able to benefit from it financially. I hope to get involved in both English and Spanish markets.
6/27/2012 at 10:06 AM
Thanks Gene!!!
Gene Tognacci
6/26/2012 at 10:08 AM
Great advice for any voice over! Thanks Rey!
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