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What To Do When It's Slow In Voice
Over. (Yes, These Strategies Work)

By Paul Schmidt
Voice Actor & Coach

Just about everything in the voice over business slows down in June, July, and August. But I also hear a lot of talk about a more macro slowdown in the voice over industry overall.

Is that real? Is that just a chicken little reaction to AI? Are there other forces at play? Is this a perfect storm that means existential crisis for our business?

Do you want the real answer? Who cares.

In my humble opinion, which is all I have because there is no data on this that anyone is aware of, yes there appears to be a general slowdown in the industry for many voice actors.

The fact is you, I, nor the ghost of Don LaFontaine himself can control the global macro and micro forces that may or may not contribute to a slowdown that may or may not be having but think so because, ya know, AI and P2Ps and el Niño and sunspots and windmills.

So, who cares? It doesn’t even matter if there’s a slowdown in the industry or not. If it’s slow for you, it’s slow. And if there is a slowdown in the industry, macro or micro, you can’t do shit about it.

But you can do something with it.

You have the choice to not just survive, but thrive. In the video below we talk about doubling down, leaning into the slowness, and using it to your competitive advantage so that you emerge from the Summer Slowdown, and any slowdown or crisis, even stronger, better, and more successful.

Paul Schmidt is a successful voice actor, community builder, and voiceover business coach. He's also the creator of the VO Freedom Master Plan (see link below), a voiceover marketing program designed to take voice actors from part-time income, relying on the pay-to-plays, booking inconsistently, to having a plan and system to grow relationships at-scale that lead to consistent business, booking, and income. Paul has been a voice actor for over 20 years and full-time for the last several. He lives in beautiful Richmond, VA with his son, Robbie.

VO Freedom Master Plan:


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