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VO BIZ eCourse - LESSON #2
How To Assess Your Voice Over Biz
Future - Use Free Video & Worksheet

April 8, 2014

(VOXtra) - You may have been avoiding an exercise like this - afraid to truly assess where you are with your voice over business, and where it's headed on the current track.

So: gulp. Breathe deeply. And consider this a step toward enlightenment - and change, if needed.

Below is a brief but detailed video and link to a worksheet to get you started. They are Part 2 of free advice from business coach / voice actor Ron Minatrea, in an eCourse presented by Ron and VoiceOverXtra.

These free lessons are offered every Tuesday this month, leading up to hands-on, live webinars on April 29 and May 1, when we'll dive deeply into strategic action planning, how to set the right goals, and actions and measures for voice over business success.

Not just for VO beginners, this eCourse will help voice actors at any career level.

"One element of planning for the future is looking at the past," Ron says. "What do I need to stop? What do I need to start doing today?"

Learn more now ...

Link to Worksheet #2: Assessment - Part 1,


Ron Minatrea's acclaimed video, How To Create A Business Action Plan is a free immediate download bonus for workshop registrations received by April 11 (see the bonus video testimonials below).

Tuition for the two online workshops is just $79 - including recordings of each workshop and the bonus video (if registered by April 11).


Seen originally at the Voice Over Virtual 2013 online conference, the How To Create A Business Action Plan video drew rave reviews for its thorough yet engaging information and style (which you can expect to continue in Ron's weekly videos and the online workshops) ...
"Really hit a home run for me ... as if you were talking personally to me, given my chapter in life." - Jerry Fleishman

"Excellent material, very nice and concise. I appreciate the work you put into that." - Yvonne Schwemmer

"I am new to voice over and believe that a business plan is necessary to provide structure and motivation." - Roxana Charkewyz

"I am incredibly grateful for your thoughtful presentation. I learned so much from you and was able to identify all the aspects of my business that I hadn't identified yet. Being specific to a VO career is the kind of information and planning that I really needed." - Karin Vetrano

"I really enjoyed your video and can't wait to get started on taking steps toward a better direction and plan for growing my VO business." - Derek Chappell

"I'm so terrible at planning and putting this all down on paper. Your video really broke it down for me. It's a lot of work but I know it's worth it. Thanks for this inspiration!" - Rosi Amador

"Thank you so much for this great information. Wow!" - Amy Warner

"Thank you for the invaluable info that you shared. The Vision and Mission Statement sections were my favorite." - Cecelia Jones

"I was really impressed with your approach and the helpful and easy way in which you put the process together!" - Peter Felix

"You really demystified the whole thing and made the path through the woods much less formidable and easier to follow. You have given me the tools I was searching for ... to reduce my frustration ... and (make my business) much more rewarding, both personally and financially." - Jamie Meisberger

"Your presentation was very informative and really simplified. I had avoided this a little bit because I felt it was a daunting task!" - Marie Kopan, Bella Vox Productions
This video is an immediate download bonus to eCourse workshop registrations received by April 11. To register, please click here.


Ron Minatrea is a talented voice actor and Certified Professional Life and Business Coach with more than 30 years of experience as a Fortune 500 business executive and operation leader. He has built a reputation for strong strategic planning and operational execution.
Ron uses his skills to teach, lead, and encourage clients to define and achieve their own goals. By applying common business practices and simple principles for living, he helps them create successful, sustainable careers with an overall greater sense of satisfaction.

Also a voice talent, he draws on his background in business to produce corporate narrations and eLearning projects.
Ron is also active in his local church and serves as member of the board of directors of a non-profit organization advancing charitable, scientific, literary and educational activities within the community. He and his wife Susan have been married for almost 40 years and have two adult children.

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