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See And Congratulate Winners
Of The 2019 Voice Arts® Awards!
November 19, 2019

(VOXtra) - The voice-over world rocked Sunday night as winners of the 2019 Voice Arts® Awards competition were announced at the Voice Arts® Awards Gala at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, CA.

Now in its sixth year - created and presented by the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences® (SOVAS) - this is the voice-over industry's premier awards competition, often referred to as the "Oscars of voice-over acting."

SOVAS provides the list below of the winners in all 71 categories (click to see all nominees). And see VoiceOverXtra's exclusive report of the grand Voice Arts Awards Gala on November 17.

Congratulations to all!

Outstanding Promo - TV or Web, Best Voiceover
Chris Fries
MLB All Star Game  

Outstanding Promo Campaign - TV or Web, Best Voiceover
Zehra Fazal
Fox Sports FIFA Women's World Cup 2019  

Outstanding Promo Demo, Best Voiceover
Adam Harris Wolman  

Outstanding Commercial - TV or Web, Best Voiceover
Janet Peters
Nestlé Fitness  

Outstanding Commercial Campaign - TV or Web, Best Voiceover
Chris Fries

Audiobook Narration - Thrillers, Best Voiceover
Scott Brick
The Hunt for Red October  

Outstanding Movie Trailer, Best Voiceover
Rebecca Davis
Captive State  

Audiobook Narration - Classics, Best Voiceover
P.J. Ochlan
The Adolescent  

Audiobook Narration - Fiction, Best Voiceover
Angelo Di Loreto and Xe Sands
The Murmur Of Bees  

Outstanding Narration - TV, Film or Web, Best Voiceover
Christian Lanz
Wild Peru: Andes Battleground - National Geographic  

Outstanding Narration Demo, Best Voiceover
Michael Grant  

Outstanding Narration Demo, Best Spanish Voiceover
Diego Giraldo  

Radio Imaging Demo, Best Voiceover
Mighet Matanane  

Outstanding Commercial - TV or Web, Best Spanish Voiceover
Jose Barreiro
Porsche - Nosotros  

Outstanding Commercial Demo, Best Spanish Voiceover
Tomy Mackey  

Outstanding Radio Commercial, Best Spanish Voiceover
César Escalante
Movistar Ecuador – Motivar: Gracias Carapaz Campeon Del Giro de Italia  

Outstanding Promo Demo, Best Spanish Voiceover
Tomy Mackey  

Audiobook Narration - Fantasy, Best Voiceover
Simon Vance
Aching God  

Audiobook Narration - Science Fiction, Best Voiceover
R.C. Bray
The Others  

Audiobook Narration - Business or Education, Best Voiceover
Kim Handysides
The Culture Question: How to Create a Workplace Where People Like to Work  

Audiobook Narration - Humor, Best Voiceover
Jeffrey Kafer
Villains Deception  

Audiobook Narration - Faith-Based or Metaphysical, Best Voiceover
Edoardo Ballerini
Taming the Tiger Within  

Audiobook Narration - Short Story Anthology, Best Voiceover
Vikas Adam, Andi Arndt, Peter Berkrot, Tim Campbell, Bailey Carr, Renee Chambliss, James Cronin
Wrong Turn  

Outstanding Spoken Word or Storytelling, Best Performance
Kabir Singh
Love Trumps Over Hate  

Outstanding Animation Or Gaming Demo, Best Voiceover
Sarah Natochenny  

Outstanding Animation Character - TV or Web, Best Voiceover
Jaimie Kelton
Happy! – SYFY  

Best Animation Character - Motion Picture, Best Voiceover
F. Murray Abraham
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World  

Audiobook Narration - Teens, Best Voiceover
Emily Woo Zeller

Audiobook Narration - Children (Infant to 12), Best Voiceover
Jim Dale, Mark Aldrich, Barrett Leddy, Nick Sullivan, Brian Holden, Al Fallick, Lisa Livesay, Meredith Ingelsby, Lynn Norris, John E. Brady, Johnny Heller
Puss In Boots. A Musical.  

Outstanding Motion Picture Animation - Cast, Best Voiceover
Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, F. Murray Abraham, Cate Blanchett, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kristen Wiig, Kit Harington, Justin Rupple
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World  

Audiobook Narration - Author Performance, Best Voiceover
Judith Bourque
Robes of Silk Feet of Clay  

Audiobook Narration - Romance or Erotica, Best Voiceover
Xe Sands
Beyond All Dreams  

Audiobook Narration - Self-help, Health & Wellness, Best Voiceover
Pamela Almand
The Medical Marijuana Guide  

Audiobook Narration - Fiction, Best Spanish Voiceover
Angely Baez
La Obsesión  

Audiobook Narration - Non-Fiction, Best Spanish Voiceover
Isabel Junca
Mujer de la Palabra  

Outstanding Movie Trailer, Best Spanish Voiceover
Christian Lanz
Toy Story 4  

Outstanding Public Service Announcement, Best Spanish Voiceover
Eduardo Ruales
Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District – Stormwater Pollution PSA  

Outstanding Promo – TV or Web, Best Spanish Voiceover (tie A)
Javier Delgado
Netflix - Misterio a Bordo  

Outstanding Promo – TV or Web, Best Spanish Voiceover (tie B)
Fabián Toro
The Wall – Discovery en Español  

Outstanding Production - Commercial, Promo or Trailer, Best Producer
J. Michael Collins – Gary  

Outstanding Casting - Commercial - TV or Radio
Jill Kershaw, Sound and Fury
Credit Karma  

Outstanding Consumer Sales Video, Best Voiceover
Tony Pasquale
Proxy's Vision  

Audiobook Narration - Mystery, Best Voiceover
Karl Jenkinson
Steam, Smoke & Mirrors  

Audio Engineering - Audiobook, Best Sound Design
Jared Garcia and Kayla Elrod

Audio Engineering - Commercial, Promo or Trailer - Best Sound Design
Graham Harris
Delaware Office of Highway Safety – Slow Down; Arrive Alive  

Outstanding Copywriting - Commercial, Promo or Trailer, Best Copywriting
J. Michael Collins – Gary  

Outstanding Production - Audiobook, Best Producer
Harvey Edelman, Neil Fishman, Khristine Hvam
Puss In Boots. A Musical.  

Outstanding Political Announcement - Image, Best Voiceover
Jas Patrick
Sean Morrison for Cook County Commissioner  

Outstanding Political Announcement - Attack Ad, Best Voiceover
Christi Bowen
Jim Hagedorn - Sanctuary State  

Outstanding Public Service Announcement - TV, Web or Radio, Best Voiceover
Jeffrey Holz
Vitalant – Give Blood/Save the Humans  

Outstanding Video Game Character, Best Voiceover
Leslie L. Miller
Far Cry: New Dawn  

Outstanding Radio Commercial, Best Voiceover (tie – A)
Winn Evers
Duluth Trading  

Outstanding Radio Commercial, Best Voiceover (tie – B)
Matt Giroveanu
Subway – Battle Rally  

Radio Imaging Demo, Best Production
Jay Helmus
Zippy Zappy Productions - Rock Imaging Demo  

Outstanding Toy Character, Best Voiceover
Everett Sundholm and Cassie Glow
Fisher Price – Dance & Groove Rockit  

Outstanding Mobile App, Best Voiceover
Andia Winslow
emBRAZEN Wine  

Outstanding Virtual Reality, Best Voiceover
Julie-Ann Dean
Table of Tales  

Best Website - Voice Acting
Melissa Moats  

Audiobook Narration - Biography, Best Voiceover
Christa Lewis, Neil Hellegers, Emily Beresford, Hillary Huber, Deepti Gupta, Suzanne Barbetta, Madeleine Maby, Tavia Gilbert
Nevertheless We Persisted: Me Too  

Audiobook Narration - History, Best Voiceover
Dave Fennoy
March: Book III  

Outstanding E-Learning, Best Voiceover
Ben McAuley
Auchan Touch  

Outstanding Spoken Word or Storytelling, Best Spanish Performance
Fabián Toro
Quién Soy?  

Outstanding Animation - TV, Film or Gaming, Best Spanish Voiceover
Sara Delgado
Jeanne de Lestonnac  

Outstanding Dubbing, Foreign Language - TV or Film, Best Voiceover
Marios Gavrilis  

Outstanding Radio Promo, Best Spanish Voiceover
César Escalante
La Radio – Redonda Promo Copa America 2019  

Outstanding Body of Work - Foreign Language, Best Voiceover
Marios Gavrilis  

Outstanding Casting - Audiobook
Jayme Mattler
Women in Clothes  

Outstanding Casting - Feature Film Animation
Jamie Sparer Roberts, C.S.A.
Ralph Breaks The Internet  

Outstanding Casting - TV Animation
Nicole Arbusto

Outstanding Anime - Best Female Voiceover
Ruth Urquhart
Tock Fights Maria RWBY V6 Ch7  

Outstanding Commercial Demo, Best Voiceover
Rex Anderson  

Best Podcast
Kevin Kilpatrick and Bobbi Maxwell
The Middle-Class VO Podcast - Nightmare Sessions  

Outstanding Body of Work, Best Voice Actor
Zehra Fazal                 
For details about SOVAS and the Voice Arts Awards, please visit

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