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On Vacation: 'Productive But Brainless' Tasks
To Keep Your Voice Over Business Moving
August 1, 2017

By Natasha Marchewka
Voice Actor

For some reason, I especially like taking stock of my voice over business when I'm away from it.

As someone who's more of a big picture thinker (according to some Myer's Briggs testing I did way back when and my own self-awareness), I enjoy looking at what I've done, where I'm going, and what I need to work on to stay focused on my goals ...
  • reviewing to-do lists,
  • checking-in with myself about my truest objectives, and
  • making sure I'm on track instead of working on those Not Important/Urgent tasks that come up in a regular business day.
Further, while traveling, there is often "off-line" time when my family may be on their gadgets playing games, and I feel the need to be productive. Games don't do it for me. I'd much rather be brainstorming!


What I brainstorm on:
  • Defining (and redefining) Goals
  • Creating Action Plans
  • Building lists
  • Prioritizing
  • Creating Schedules
Specific tasks that are manageable with airplane mode on:
  • Organize/clean up computer files: delete old, redundant documents/spreadsheets – simplify/consolidate file folders – optimize file views
  • Read through/purge handwritten notes: I carry around a notebook or two and I like to scan through for ideas and clean out old stuff
  • Clean up my Google Sheets & Docs: delete unnecessary files
  • Clean up my Contact Database: I still use Excel instead of a CRM as I prefer it visually.
  • Clean up To Do lists: ridding of low priority items
  • Prioritize for my return: honing on what's the most important when I get back to work
If my "vacation" location has WiFi, I like to do productive, but brainless, tasks. I work on cleaning out my inbox and prepare rough drafts of emails I need to send.

Not everyone would fill their time the way I do. Admittedly, getting organized is more of an obsession than a passion.

However, I hope you find something useful here to do instead of, oh I don't know, reading and relaxing…
A broadcast and non-broadcast voice talent, Natasha Marchewka has recorded 10,000+ commercials and voice over projects over the span of 11 years, and has grown her business exponentially through referrals from happy clients throughout North America and around the globe. Her clients range from World Vision to major brands like Electrolux, and from local businesses to international organizations. After a Bachelor's degree in Radio Television Arts, several years of singing in New York, and many jobs paying her dues, Natasha started her business with a six month-old in the background. As an at-home entrepreneur, she has also moved to three different countries within 10 years with two kids, two pets, and a husband in tow. She practices Yoga to quieten the crazy.



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