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Take A Break, Putting Voices To Names:
4th Annual Voice Talent Holiday Greeting

December 2, 2013

(VOXtra) - Each year the message grows ... and it's ever all the more fun.

Voice talent / trainer Terry Daniel today released his 4th Annual Voice Talent Holiday Greeting - a compilation of whimsical and serious holiday greetings from voice talent worldwide.

"You guys did great. I received a lot of creative submissions this year," Daniel says. "Sit back, grab a coffee/tea and enjoy, because it's lengthy!"

Indeed! We count 77 different voice actors in the message - some with multiple characters - plus ensembles. It's 27 minutes of fun, especially when you follow the list below, placing voices with the names you probably know from social media.

Thanks, Terry and our VO friends, for another holiday delight!


  • Joe Cipriano
  • Terry Daniel and Jordan Reynolds
  • John Taylor and his father, Ted Taylor
  • Trish the Dish Basanyi
  • Lee Gordon
  • Andy Barnett
  • Voxy Ladies
  • Justin Barrett
  • Andy Boyns and Mehmet Onur
  • Doug Turkel
  • Bobbin Beam
  • Lauren McCullough, Jackie Fell and Dan Friedman
  • Chuck Davis
  • Natalie Stanfield Thomas
  • Peter Bishop
  • Jodi Krangle
  • John Florian
  • Jen Knight and Lyla Sage
  • The Three AMIVOS - Mike Pongracz, Dave McRae and Garnett Williams
  • Tom Dheere
  • Sean Caldwell
  • Jill Goldman
  • Heather Costa and Family
  • Derek Chappel and family
  • Cliff Zellman and the Dallas Voice Acting Meetup Group
  • Christian Rosselli
  • Beth Stewart
  • DC Goode
  • Kelly Buttrick
  • Joe Pike
  • Karen Rose Richter
  • Bob Stephenson
  • Ron Levine
  • Vanessa Hart
  • Chris Mezzolesta
  • Dave Courvoisier
  • John Florian
  • Ratana Therakulsathit
  • Paul Strikwerda
  • Scott Reynes
  • Liz De Nesnera
  • Andy Mack
  • Mike Elmore
  • Erik Abraham
  • Mike Walton
  • J. Christopher Dunn
  • Karin Allers
  • Diana Birdsall
  • Sandy McKee
  • John Zadikian
  • Fran McClellan
  • Randye Kaye
  • Nancy German
  • Paul David Lee
  • Jean Habrukowich
  • Chris Vaber
  • Philip Matter
  • Peggy Tisone
  • Frank James Bailey
  • Bettye Zoller
  • Linda Joy
  • Todd Etheridge
  • Sariann Monaco
  • Jerry Reed
  • Lori Berman
  • M. Lewis Sauerwein
  • Debbie Jackson
  • Darren Altman
  • Patrick Corbett
  • Ron Whitemore
  • Scott Fortney
Terry Daniel has been in voice overs for more than 20 years, today specializing in technical and medical narration. He volunteers his services for ASPCA - the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and is managing partner and creative director for the Voice Over Club, a voice over training organization.
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Comments (5)
Peter K. O'Connell
12/4/2013 at 3:53 PM
...and Jerry Mathers as "The Beaver"!

John Florian
12/2/2013 at 7:47 PM
Woops, Mike. That was MY spelling error. Fixed!
John Florian
12/2/2013 at 7:42 PM
Mmmmm ... the challenge has been made!!
Mike Pongracz
12/2/2013 at 6:38 PM
LOL!...great work TD as usual! (but it's PONGRACZ...not Pomeranz...that's the dog's name HAHA)
Lee Gordon
12/2/2013 at 5:37 PM
We need to know which Voxy Ladies and which members of the Dallas VO Meetup Group.

Thank you.
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