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New Microphone PreAmp Settings
Emerge For COVID-19 Voice Overs
July 13, 2020

By Dave Courvoisier
Voice Actor


OK - There's no such thing. Nope. You don't need to adjust your audio chain settings for clients who are seeking your voice for a COVID delivery (whatever THAT is).

But let's face it: clients of all stripes are desperately listening to gobs of advice in "uncertain times" (tired of THAT phrase yet?). 

Advertisers, producers, casting directors, agents, producers, creative directors, account executives – hell, all of humankind – is trying to figure out an appropriate pitch in today's topsy-turvy world.

I mean, other than reminding you that your audio chain settings should ALWAYS be tweaked to perfection, this article is not about home studio tech. The tongue-in-cheek headline only seeks to re-direct your attention back to the tried and true. 

Don't let the audacious activity you see on your TV screen distract you from the reality demanded of today's hard working voice talent professionals, trying to keep the books balanced.


So while there is no magical COVID-19 preamp settings, there are some reliable and valid freelance voice over business practices that will still see you through difficult times:
  • practice, practice, practice
  • utilize aggressive marketing strategies
  • maintain disciplined adherence to goals
  • make quick responses to auditions
  • build client referrals
  • get solid coaching
  • follow established business practices
  • refresh your demos
  • maintain good relationships always
  • prospect new opportunities with hustle
  • keep up with industry trends
  • join World-Voices Organization®
  • get mentoring, give as a mentor
  • maintain the latest software/hardware tweaks
  • update your brand/website/newsletter
  • seek solid feedback from qualified colleagues
  • set goals, break them down to small bits, and achieve them
There's more, of course. What am I forgetting? Add your suggestions in the comment section below.

Bottom line: Don't let fleeting election year BS draw you away to endless and (almost always) empty dialog in online forums.

Refocus your priorities into your business. Believe me when I say today's seemingly URGENT events often fade and give way to more practical ways eventually. It may be 2021 until it happens, but do you really want your business to go to hell in a handbasket in the meantime?

Forget the preamp … get amp'd into your business.
Dave Courvoisier is a full-time voice actor and audiobook narrator based in Las Vegas, where he was formerly an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, producer and the main weeknight news anchor on KLAS-TV, Channel 8, the CBS affiliate. A former president and a founding member of the World-Voices Organization (WoVO), he also writes Voice-Acting in Vegas, a daily blog of voice over adventures, observations and technology, and is author and publisher of the book, More Than Just A Voice: The Real Secret To VoiceOver Success, now in its second edition.

More Than Just A Voice - 2nd Edition

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Comments (5)
Frank DeAngelo
7/28/2020 at 6:36 PM
I watched and listened to Dave for may years on KlAS and some special reports and wondered what happened to him until I found out he does attend a local workshop that I have attended off and on for 7 years but we never crossed paths. Congratulations on your VO success. As they say in Vegas, "Nobody said it was gonna be easy.” I'll be tuning in to your reports from now on.
Willia Bruce McFadden
7/15/2020 at 3:50 PM
Mr. Courvoisier,

Practical, practical, practical! Thank you for these tips. Thank you for reminding us that it is the every-day, chug!-chug!-chug! of often mundane--but necessary--activitities, that lay the foundation for our success (
or not!). My first time reading you, and I will try to read you often.
Dan Hurst
7/13/2020 at 6:32 PM
As always Dave, you nailed it. Thank you!!!

J. Valentino
7/13/2020 at 3:09 PM
Oh, and don't forget to have talent! "Maintain good relationships always" or "Set goals and achieve them" or "Follow established business practices" are just article filler stuff. How about this one: "use clichés less" or "avoid glottal shock" and "try not to 'puke' like a radio announcer" and think that qualifies as talent." lol. Man, that's real advice.
Rick Riley
7/13/2020 at 2:22 PM
I think the last tip was every bit as important as all the rest. Social Media can be a huge time suck and I think for those in VO, more so. Why? Because we work alone and we are social creatures. So outside input and output is vital, but choosing which will be productive is the key. 'I changed someones mind about politics on FACEBOOK!!!' said no one, ever! But boy how some of us try.

Problem is, it's right in front of us and accessible all day. Too easy and too detrimental to productivity.

Thanks Dave!
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