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Branding Your VO Biz in Social
Media: How To Talk About Yourself
April 23, 2014

Note: The author conducts Voice Over Booth Camps in select cities, sponsored by VoiceOverXtra, providing strategic voice over training to newcomers and working pros. Click for details about the next Booth Camp, in Orlando on Saturday, May 24.

By Joe Loesch

Voice Talent / Coach / Producer

Whether you are working voice over pro or just starting out in this business, promoting yourself can be one of the toughest things you do as a voice actor. Yet it's absolutely necessary in order to grow your business.

Voice actors talk for a living. We can't get away from it. It's what we do! And when we leave our script for the day, the talking continues.  

Ironically, the one thing we often find difficult to talk about is ourselves.

My wife finds it easy to talk about me. She's proud of me, and what I do. When she goes on about me, she often makes me blush.

But if I were to talk about me the way she does, well, that would be ridiculous. That would turn more ears off than place people on my team.


We need to look for ways to (brand) market ourselves without sounding as though we are bragging. A boastful soul finds few friends.

I'm often overwhelmed with the blessings life has graced me with. If we can look at our accomplishments as blessings rather than self-guided achievements, we begin the path of truly branding ourselves in the most effective way.

And if you do it correctly, there's no limit to what you can accomplish.


I dedicate an hour to an-hour-and-a-half each week to stirring up the Internet search engines. From my experience, here are some tips.

1. Check Out

I want my listings, blogs and websites to come up first through Internet searches. So I spend a good part of my time at This is the best site for stirring up  those search engines - using social media to blow your own whistle without sounding like it. That's the way to go. joins all your Internet locations together and boosts search engine results to help you appear bigger than life. And that's what it's all about really .. making you look bigger than life itself.

Take for a free spin and you'll see what I mean.

2. It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It

I use Facebook to grow my business. Though I have a business page there, I'm careful of what I talk about when I'm using my personal page, as well.

Normally I talk about voice overs or my band when on Facebook. And I keep the talk positive.

Stay away from conversations that could lead to disagreements. People like to do business with non-controversial types.

3. Put Your Face On Facebook

Put your photo on your Facebook profile. People like to see who they're dealing with - not your cat, a cartoon or jungle creature, or you as a kid - or even your logo.

You can grow your image quickly through the Internet, especially if you consistently appear in social media as "you."
Joe Loesch is an award-winning Spoken WordProducer, author, voice actor and coach based in Nashville. Originally from Los Angeles where he studied acting at the Pasadena Playhouse, he is heard today in national commercials, audiobooks, video games and cartoons. Joe travels the country with his Voice Over Booth Camp, providing strategic voice over training to newcomers and seasoned professionals alike.

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Comments (4)
Christine Stevens
10/19/2014 at 1:30 PM
This is great Joe. Don't know why I didn't sign up ages ago! I am now though! Toodles
Christian Rosselli
4/25/2014 at 10:51 AM
Agreed on all points! It's encouraging to hear there is always room for growth when it comes to branding as a VO artist. And nice to hear you discern between branding vs. bragging. So many talents still don't get that bragging isn't branding. Thanks for this article!
Bettye Zoller
4/24/2014 at 2:02 PM
I encourage you all to heed Joe's sage advice and read carefully !
Dane Reid
4/24/2014 at 8:04 AM
This is excellent advice. You do have to be careful in branding yourself not to brag but to brand. Setting up a presence is important but that presence has to be carefully crafted as not to offend anyone. Great article. I will be sure to check out brandyourself online
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