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If Your New Years Resolutions Tend To Fizzle 
By Week 6, Here's How To Make 'Em Stick

By Paul Schmidt
Voice Actor & Coach

I abhor New Years resolutions.

Rather than telling yourself what you want to DO differently in 2024, tell yourself who you want to BE. How will you shift your identity in the new year?

Rather than telling yourself, "I am going to market more" - which, with no real plan, will likely fizzle by week 6 - see yourself as ... identifying as ... and acting as ... someone who is constantly learning to market their business. That is much more powerful.

True transformation starts with a shift in identity.


That big blank canvas for a fresh new year is awfully tempting.

We tend to get all fired up about all the changes we're going to make. We pick 20 new habits we're going to really stick to, and a week in, we're exhausted and discouraged.

What if you just built 12 new habits, one each month, and took all 30 days to get insanely consistent with each?

At the end of the year, you will have real transformation and rock-solid confidence in your ability to build consistent habits.


"Whatever and whoever you are around is feeding you something. Just make sure you're eating what your future self needs." - Doug Wood
Paul Schmidt is a successful voice actor, community builder, and voice over business coach. He's also the creator of the VO Freedom Master Plan (see link below), a voice over marketing program designed to take voice actors from part-time income, relying on the pay-to-plays, booking inconsistently, to having a plan and system to grow relationships at-scale that lead to consistent business, booking, and income. Paul has been a voice actor for over 20 years and full-time for the last several. He lives in beautiful Richmond, VA with his son, Robbie.

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