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How To Overcome Your Self-Editor:
Communicate Authentically, From The Heart
February 12, 2019

By Adam Lofbomm
Voice Actor

About this time last month, I found myself stuck in the mud.  Wheels spinning, I just couldn't seem make any forward progress on fleshing out the content for the presentations I'm booked to deliver at the VO Atlanta conference in March. 

My self-editor was on overdrive ...
"There are plenty of people out there who have been in this industry way longer than me. What business do I have telling others how they should run their business?"

"My mindset sucks right now, and I haven't pursued a prospect in weeks. How in the heck am I supposed to get up there and talk about 'Marketing Inner Game'? What a joke."
I had sunk deep into my old, well-worn ruts of perfectionism and impostor syndrome.


Fortunately, my dear friend and trusted advisor, Cody Muenster, came along right on cue to help tow me out. 

Inviting me to close my eyes and envision the audience of my colleagues in front of me, he asked me what thoughts and feelings came up.

In my mind's eye I scanned a room full of familiar faces and my heart immediately melted as I felt into how each of them share the very same struggles as me. 

Day after day, they pour energy into countless auditions, knowing that they'll land one in a hundred, if they're lucky.

As solopreneurs, they wear all of the hats … talent, management, marketing, accounting, human resources, sales.

But they keep showing up, day after day, year after year, grinding away and putting themselves out there.

I just love and admire all those people for their guts and grit.


My whole perspective shifted.

I don't need to perform or impress them. I need to communicate authentically, from my heart, that they're not alone in their challenges. That I've had crappy weeks and months in this business. And that I found some ways to keep forging ahead and might help them do the same. 

That's really all most of us want, I think. To know we're not the only ones. To know there's another way that might work better tomorrow.

With my heart back in service gear, I jolted suddenly out of that rut and accelerated forward, the words and ideas trailing out behind me once again.

Out of love for my colleagues and community, there's just so much I want to share. 

Now my big challenge is going to be what to leave out.
Note: VO Atlanta is the voice-over industry's largest annual conference, held this year from March 28 to 31 at the Hilton Atlanta Airport. For details, please visit
Adam Lofbomm is a Nashville-based voice actor who brings worlds to life with words. Since 2006, Adam has had the great fortune to co-create with some of the brightest and best organizations in the world. Clients like Adobe, Bayer, Comcast, IBM, Walmart, IKEA, Samsung and Coca-Cola have entrusted him to tell their story or educate their audience. And out of his life-long love affair with language and ideas, he shares concentrated doses of content and reflection in his weekly missive, Sunday Espresso Shot.

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