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Auditions Casting Director Is Asked:
'Can I Write On The Copy?'

By Hugh Klitzke

Auditions Casting Director & Coach

When people ask me: "Can I write on this?” I really wonder sometimes. You're asking me if you can write on the copy.    

Can you WRITE on the COPY? This is NOT the SAT!  
Fold it. Spindle it. Mutilate it! Take notes, underline, make chicken scratch or glyphs.   Circle plosives, underline brands, bracket adjectives.  

Design, re-define, doodle or paraphrase. Write the name of your dog, your best friend, your first college sweetheart or the names of your unborn unconceived children.  

Draft poetry. (No Haiku, please. I have the monopoly on that).    

Scratch down lyrics, chord changes, beats, rhymes or rhythm.    

Just do anything you need to get through the audition.

Writing things down is a fine way to go. And if writing nothing works for you, you can do that, too.
Hugh P. Klitzke is studio manager and voice casting director for a leading bi-coastal talent agency, who has directed more than 85,000 auditions for all voice over genres. Based in New York City, he is also a coach specializing in teaching voice over for actors, and writes VO4TA, a twice-weekly blog with helpful voice acting tips.


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Comments (1)
Bob Bergen
2/14/2014 at 10:14 AM
Back when I got into the business 30 plus years ago, it was considered bad form to write on the copy. And if you did you wrote in pencil and erased it when done. You never took the copy with you after. This was the early days of reading in your agent's office. It was also a time when the LA casting directors had you in more frequently. Today, thanks to voicebank and online casting, the casting directors aren't as much of our day to day. And, with a few exceptions, most of the LA agents encourage reading from home. I know it's more common to go to casting offices for vo auditions in NYC. But the majority of our auditions today are recorded at home. To be honest, I miss the days where the majority were done with a casting director. There was less competition and it gave you facetime with the casting directors. I miss those days!
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