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Hot, Hot: The 2013 Voice Over Calendars ...
'Voiceover Vixens' and 'Microphone Machos'

December 9, 2012

(VOXtra) Is it getting hot in here?

Yeah, it's chilly December now ... but still ... have you seen the sexy covers of the new 2013 voice over calendars?
  • Voiceover Vixens: The Lovely Ladies of VO, and
  • Microphone Machos: The (mostly) Sexy Men of Voiceover
Whew! They're the creations - and year-long inspirations - of Erik Sheppard's Voice Talent Productions agency and the energetic Voxy Ladies voice over group.

And all proceeds from sales go to support the SAG Foundation's Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab in Los Angeles.

"These were all done with a sense of humor and fun," says Sheppard. "The ladies look absolutely lovely, and there a few beefcake guys in there if you can get past my hairy gut or Schoen's hypnotic glare."

The glossy, full-size spiral-bound calendars are available at the VTP Shop (, for $19.99 each.


Confession: At the sales page we tried to peek under the Calendar covers, but no soap. You just have to buy the Calendar to see what's what.

However, here's who will be on your wall next year:

Voiceover Vixens:
  • Heather Halley (also the cover girl)
  • Alyson Steel
  • Michelle Ann Dunphy
  • Lindsay Sheppard
  • Kara Edwards
  • Randye Kaye
  • Anne Ganguzza
  • Brianna Knickerbocker
  • Trish "The Dish" Basanyi
  • Mary Murphy
  • Larissa Gallagher   
  • Julie-Ann Dean
Microphone Machos:
  • Zak Miller
  • Daniel Pierce
  • Michael J. Schoen
  • Marc Cashman
  • Scott Laverty
  • Rick Lance
  • Brad Ziffer
  • J.S. Gilbert
  • Joe J. Thomas
  • Erik Sheppard
  • Jordan Reynolds
  • Xavier "XMAN" Cadeau
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Comments (1)
12/9/2012 at 8:25 AM
Awesome! I love the idea! And... Happy Holidays!
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