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No Double Dutch Spoken at Nethervoice -
New German & Dutch Voice-Over Service
July 14, 2009
In a world dominated by American and British talent, voice-over artist Paul Strikwerda is launching Nethervoice - a service featuring his German and Dutch voice-over, translation and evaluation services.
Strikwerda, a 25 year veteran of the voice-over industry, describes himself as “the ultimate European voice."
Born in Holland, Strikwerda has worked for Dutch national and international radio, the BBC and American Public Radio. His voice is used by companies such as Novartis and Johnson & Johnson, as well as the Discovery Channel.
After coming to the United States in 1999, he carved out a niche market for his authentic European voice.
“British accents are often perceived as snobbish and stuffy," Strikwerda says. "American-style voice-overs are sometimes too much in-your-face, or a talent might be trying hard to emulate that guy who does all these movie trailers.
"Advertising agencies are increasingly aiming to give their product or service a true global appeal. They are turning to me for a more European sound.”
For some agencies, Strikwerda is a one-stop shop because he can translate a script, read and record it, and edit it in his studio.
Although 90 percent of his work is in English, Strikwerda also records in Dutch, in German and in French. The U.S. Census Bureau recently asked him to use a Dutch accent in a radio campaign to recruit volunteers.
He also offers voice evaluations. 
“Most voice seekers can’t tell the difference between a talent from Belgium or The Netherlands," he says, "yet both can label themselves as Dutch speakers. It takes me no time to sort that out.
"Technology has made it easy for amateurs to enter the international voice-over market. Unfortunately, many have no business being in this business.
"If you don’t speak Dutch, it’s much harder to separate the real talent from the pretenders. That’s where I come in.”
Strikwerda is one of only a few US-based Dutch voice-over professionals in the business, he says. And thanks to a weakened dollar, he has noticed an increased demand for his services in Europe and Asia. 
Strikwerda lives in Easton, PA, home of the Crayola Factory and conveniently located between New York and Philadelphia. His fourth audio book, a medieval mystery novel, is due to be released in August.
He can be reached at 001-732-322-5292 or at More information can also be found at


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