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Aflac Duck Meets Rowell Gormon
In 'Very Last Audition Of All' Video
March 29, 2011
(VOXtra) - The Aflac duck audition to end-all-duck-auditions has arrived!
In case you've been out of media range in recent weeks, comedian Gilbert Gottfried got the boot as the Aflac duck voice in mid-March after posting insensitive Tweets relating to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.
And OK - the Aflac insurance folks haven't really shut the door yet on the massive publicity they're getting from inviting auditions to be the next voice of the hapless duck in their TV commercials.
But the amazingly talented voice actor Rowell Gormon somehow tapped into Duck Audition Central and recorded, in Rowell's words, "the very last Aflac audition of all."
And he posted it on YouTube!
Rowell says, "Most people who know my name (Rowell conveniently rhymes with 'role') know me for the characters I can play, both straight and comic."
Indeed, the characters in his sketch leap so clearly to mind that we have to dig further with this talent ...
Rowell, did you send in a real Aflac audition?
No, I didn't send them an audition. In fact, I'm probably the only voice talent in America who hasn't.

Then what prompted you to create this video?

I was prompted to do this (a) to put some spare time to creative use, (b) to be a little pro-active in putting my talents out in public - posting this on forums, sending it to studio clients, etc., (c) venting a little over the way voice talent are "played with" in the studio, and (d) emulating my audio heroes like Dick Orkin and Stan Freberg, whose studio parodies I've loved and admired for years.
Oh - and (e), getting respectable industry people like VoiceOverXtra to give me a plug. Shameless, I know.
Your video reminds me of "watching" a radio play - in my mind.
Yes, well, I did the YouTube version because I figured more people could/would access it that way.
Not wanting to create any visual distraction from the audio, I just created the simple slide, which dims during the body of the skit so the audience can focus more on the soundtrack, then comes back up again to re-enforce my contact info.
Short answer: I'm trying to be pro-active in my self-marketing while playing off of a current event in the voice over world.

We think it will turn out just ducky for you, Rowell. Thanks for the laugh!
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Comments (5)
Debbie Feldman
4/6/2011 at 10:38 PM
What an awesome dig on voiceover auditions. You nailed every scenario I've ever come across. Kudos !!! Excellent...........Bravo !!! I honestly believe that the real outcome of this whole charade might not be far off the mark.......publicity is the name of the game.
3/30/2011 at 5:01 PM
Good. Very, very good.
You're quacking me up!
3/30/2011 at 2:59 PM
Freaking awesome!
Debbie Irwin
3/30/2011 at 9:17 AM
Love it!
You'd be my go-to duck any day of the week!
Lisa Leonard
3/30/2011 at 8:38 AM
That was great Rowell! I hope you get it.
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