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5 Tips To Help Stop The Scroll And
Increase Engagement On LinkedIn

By Corey Dissin
Voice-Over Marketing Coach

I'm a HUGE proponent of LinkedIn. If you're not actively using LinkedIn as part of your marketing formula, start immediately. 

And when you do, you're going to want to create content that attracts followers and contributes value.

Below are five tips I suggest, that if utilized consistently and over a sustained period of time, can help you get noticed and drive engagement with your LinkedIn network:

#1. Include a compelling visual

Even if you have something very profound to say/write, you need to have more than just text. 

Posting a video would be my first recommendation. If you can't do video, a really cool photo works as well.

And if for whatever reason you're unable to post a video or photo, try to utilize a branded graphic or meme with your logo and/or company colors and fonts.

#2. Words in ALL CAPS

Try capitalizing an entire word, or two, or three in your post for emphasis . . . especially in the first line of the post. 

As you can imagine, users on LinkedIn are scrolling through their feeds at lightning speed (as attention spans are short), so those CAPITAL LETTERS might help to make your post stick out and capture those all-important views.

#3. Use an emoji

Let's face it. . .emojis are fun! And they can be effective in very much the same way as the compelling visuals described in tip #1. Plus you can use emojis to tie in with your branding. 

My followers will often see the fist or the flexed bicep emoji in my posts. My good friend and client, Melissa Maloney, whose voice-over brand is "Your ears will BEE delighted," uses the honeybee emoji very effectively in her content.  

#4. Use relevant hashtags

Hashtags (#) can be used in posts to earmark certain topics or areas of interest that people follow.

If you're a voice-over talent, you don't want to use hashtags that are too obscure. Stick with hashtags that appeal to a wider audience, but are still industry specific.

Rather than say #countryradiostationimagingrocks, try #audioproduction, #radio, #radioimaging, #voiceover, etc. 

Using more highly-followed hashtags in your posts will help increase the probability that more eyes will see them.

#5. Incorporate tags

Tags (@) as opposed to hashtags (#), are used to highlight specific people or companies. Those tags ought to be just as relevant.

When I tag people in a post, I tag folks that I'm either thanking, congratulating, or shining a spotlight on. It doesn't always have to be a client. It can be vendor, a peer, or another colleague.

The idea is to not only recognize others, but to encourage others to jump on your bandwagon.

When you tag people in posts, they receive a notification they are tagged. Most appreciate the nod and will reciprocate by liking, commenting, or sharing your post, thus increasing that post's impact on the platform.

What you want to avoid, though, is tagging folks simply because they have a large following but may not necessarily be relevant to the content you're sharing.  
Corey Dissin, The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Content and host of The Go Get It Podcast, is a voice talent authority and social media influencer who has impacted over 100,000 unique voice-over projects over the last 25 years. He also mentors talent all over the U.S. as a one-on-one marketing coach. 

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Comments (1)
Melissa Maloney
10/22/2019 at 1:19 PM
Thank you so much Corey Dissin for mentioning me and my "bee" brand in this article! You're awesome!
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