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The Essence Of Voice Over Marketing:
Invest Wisely In Time And Strategies

By Natasha Marchewka and Kim Wilson
Voice Actors & Speechless podcast hosts

Let's not get bogged down by financial jargon; instead, let's focus on the essence of marketing.

As voice actors, freelancers, graphic designers and photographers, we invest a considerable amount of time marketing ourselves. The key is to discern what works and what doesn't, shedding light on the critical question: How can we spend our time effectively to boost our voice over careers? 


Tracking your work is non-negotiable in our industry. If you're not keeping tabs on your projects, you might be missing crucial insights.

Platforms like can be your best ally. Contrary to popular belief, it's not just a CRM; it's a tool that helps you organize client data and, more importantly, empowers you to analyze your business performance. 

Shoutout to Dani States, the genius behind Voice Overview! The user-friendly interface won us over. It's a game-changer for tracking your voiceover endeavors. 


One of the keys to unlocking success is reflecting on your journey.

Take a step back and evaluate your past years. Ask yourself: Who were your best clients? Look back three, five, or even ten years – identifying patterns can be instrumental in understanding your trajectory. 

Now, let's dive into three crucial questions that will guide your self-reflection: 

1. What Led to Your Top-Paying Clients? 

Identifying the efforts that brought you top-paying clients is pivotal. Was it networking, online presence, or repeat business? Knowing this allows you to replicate successful strategies. 

2. What Contributed to Your Lowest Paying Clients? 

Understanding the origin of lower-paying clients is equally crucial. Was it a specific marketing avenue or a particular type of client? Identifying this helps you avoid unproductive approaches. 

3. What Intriguing Marketing Ideas Await in the Future? 

Look ahead! What marketing projects excite you? Whether it's venturing into YouTube videos or exploring the vast landscape of Instagram, identify projects that align with your passion.  

Our friend Tracy Lindley has shared with us her success mantra. For her, LinkedIn, networking, and online casting have been the triumvirate of success.

The lesson here is clear – focus on what works for you and aligns with your strengths. 


As the industry evolves, so should you. Stay attuned to trends and be open to adapting your style. Seeking feedback through audition audits can be a game-changer. Save your auditions and let a coach provide valuable insights for improvement. 

As your career progresses, evaluate your client base. It's okay to let go of clients not adhering to industry standards. Remember, letting go is often a step towards growth. 

Our future lies in exciting marketing endeavors. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram offer unique opportunities. Video content, as showcased in our 'Speechless' series, can elevate your brand and personality. 

Understand the return on investment in your marketing efforts.

Social media, though a mixed bag, can be a powerful tool for brand creation. As you navigate your voice over journey, remember – strategic self-marketing is the key to a flourishing career. 

Cheers to finding your marketing lane, discovering what works for you, and unleashing the full potential of your voice over talent!

Here's to your continued success in the world of voice acting!

Each episode of Speechless is produced and hosted by voice over talents Natasha Marchewka and Kim Wilson, who help talent navigate their businesses with competence, focus and finesse. Natasha and Kim met in a weekly, online voice over workout group and have mad chemistry! 

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Kim Wilson web:

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