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MO-JOE Friday Video: Advice For Newcomers -
'Don't Fall Into The Flapping Yap Trap'

(VOXtra) - The voice over biz is changing rapidly, both in performance styles and marketing techniques.

But some age-old advice never ... well, ages.

Case in point: Joe Loesch's MO-JOE Friday Videos on VoiceOverXtra reached Episode 70 recently, yet Episode 1, way-back-when, gives VO newcomers timeless advice.

"You can't be all things to all people," Joe warns in this episode. "The more you can narrow your target market, the better" ...


Joe Loesch is a top voice actor and voice-over coach, an award-winning spoken word producer, and (... drum roll ... ) your leader at Voice-Over Booth Camp.

Joe also trains you in a recent VoiceOverXtra webinar recording: Master 3 Levels of Voice-Over Performance. Here's a link to details.

And come back soon for MO-JOE!

On the first and third Friday of every month, Joe delivers MO-JOE Friday Video refills on all aspects of voice acting and succeeding in voice-over to VoiceOverXtra readers. Check out past episodes here.
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Comments (1)
8/8/2020 at 12:30 AM
I agree and disagree with this video.

Iíll tell you why I agree. First and foremost itís because most people in the voiceover world generally speaking are really good voiceover talent and have some range, but the range only extends so far and they know that. If they try to go beyond that range into a territory that doesnít fit their voice or their style or their cadence, then absolutely I agree with what he's saying in this video. Know your niche.

Here's the reason I disagree with this video, and this is because I am a character actor as well as a regular voice talent. Doing characters gives me different range and styles to choose from because thatís what you have to do as a character actor. I have friends in the business who canít do a character voice to save their life, but they kill it when it comes to e-learning or narration or being the voice of a TV or radio station, which Iím not as good at. But they know that, they know thatís their niche, and they kill that stuff all day long.

And if youíre not sure what your lane should be, ask some friends who are in the business to tell you what they think you should specialize in, or ask a coach.
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