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'I Go Into My Vocal Booth And Say
Out Loud A Daily Litany Of Gratitude'

April 11, 2017

By Sissy Siero
Voice Actor

Itís so easy to forget and take for granted all of the things Iím so very grateful for - whether itís the nice house I wake up in, or the adorable dog who is so excited just to see me - even after just going out to get the mail.

How about the wonderful person I just happen to share my life with? Same old same old - happy together, not happy together. Good news, bad news - same news.

But what keeps our lives, well, enlivened?

What inspires that feeling of joy, seemingly arising from nowhere?

Gratitude is the never-ending waterfall of support that enables one to Ďseeí whatís good, whatís great, even what's just fine, around them.

I say this from experience.


I have a personal credo that keeps me buoyant and uplifted even when the details of life are not so inspiring.

I go into my vocal booth and I say out loud a daily litany of gratitude. I say this into my microphone because thatís where I will be spending a chunk of my day recording for my clientís projects.

So, I figure itís a good place to plant the seeds of success for the day.


I do this every day, because like most people, I have a built-in forgetter. So I have to refresh my joy, refresh my commitment, refresh my love no matter what.

If Iím tired one morning and don't feel like repeating / offering gratitude, it can become a slippery slope quickly; maybe the next day I feel the same apathy and forego the centering practice again. And what if the following day is Sunday, and Iím not working, and don't go into my studio at all?

Now I have a loop going on - the dreaded voice asking : "Does what I do matter? What/who am I in the scheme of things? Am I really making a difference in the world?"

Ugh Ö I fell down the nowhere rabbit hole, and I went there fast!


At that point, Iíd already forgotten the support I get, and the feeling of self-love that comes  from offering daily gratitude; renewing my commitment to excellence; sending my best out into the world.

It can take quite a bit more energy to get back to my normal good feeling, and to rev up the energy I bring to my work.

Physical energy is integral to how well I perform, since my voice is my business.

So it's a practical matter as well, and it's so much easier to keep the good feeling going - to ride that wonderful momentum from the daily practice of gratitude.
With over 25 years in the entertainment industry, Sissy Siero has a unique ability to connect with wide-ranging audiences. From her beginnings playing original music on the streets of New York City, to her days on tour with seven-time Grammy nominee Joan Osborne; fast forward to performing and event emceeing  in Austin, TX, and lending her voice to international brands, Sissyís focus has always been on the listener; building trust and connection with her voice. As a voice over artist and on-camera talent, sheís elevated brands as varied as Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop shops, and from national and international radio/TV commercials and network TV shows, to internal instructional videos. She also voices e-learning courses and company podcasts, focusing on what it takes to deliver the message and the right performance.



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Comments (2)
Gina Fant-Saez
4/13/2017 at 1:58 PM
Such a beautiful reminder. You inspire me to do the same. This is such a sacred and important message to all of us who also have moments and days of wondering if we matter or if we're making a difference, too.

I hope you take a moment to feel proud because this blog and speaking from your heart with vulnerability is making a huge difference. It reminds all of us how much we have to be grateful for and that we all want to and can be making a difference. Rock on!!!
J. Alan Thomas
4/11/2017 at 9:02 AM
What a great way to start each day! Attitude is everything!
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