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Enjoy 23:14 Minutes Of Voice Over Humor
& Wishes In Voice Talent Holiday Greeting

December 22, 2016

(VOXtra) - The incredible voice acting talent and wit grows annually in Terry Daniel's Voice Talent Holiday Greeting, now it's seventh year, featuring skits and holiday wishes from 48 (!) voice actors across the U.S., U.K. and Canada.

Set your deadlines aside and enjoy 23:14 minutes that will make you smile, laugh, and warmed in knowing you're a part the fabulous voice over community.

Thanks, Terry, for stringing together so much talent and annual fun!

Click below to enjoy, and follow along with the cast list ...


Follow along with the cast, in order of appearance ...
  • Bob Marini
  • Sean Caldwell
  • Lee Gordon
  • Darren Altman
  • Heather Costa Family
  • Jan Anderson
  • Liz De Nesnera
  • Joe J. Thomas
  • Bev Standing
  • Jodi Krangle
  • Bill Carl
  • Natalie Stansfield
  • Paul Strikwerda
  • Yeni Alvarez
  • Alan Taylor
  • David Godfrey
  • Arlene Tanis
  • Peter Bishop
  • Chris McIntyre
  • Gale Van Cost
  • DC Goode
  • Christine Cullingworth
  • Chris Dunn
  • Sean Caldwell
  • Terry Daniel and Jordan Reynolds
  • Erik Abraham
  • Elaine Fields Smith
  • Derek Chappel
  • Ian Gardner
  • Jamie Muffet
  • Karin Allers
  • Brian Whitaker
  • Scott Lambright Smith
  • Steve Henderson
  • Paul Stefano
  • Chris Thom
  • Greg Spillaine
  • Randy Thomas
  • Stuart Martz
  • Scotty Dee
  • Al Dano
  • John Florian
  • Frank James Bailey
  • Troy Klein
  • Johnny George
  • Ken Foster
  • Rowell Gorman
  • Scott Fortney
Terry Daniel has been in voice overs for more than 20 years, today specializing in technical and medical narration. He volunteers his services for ASPCA - the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and is managing partner and creative director for the Voice Over Club, a voice over training organization. He also co-produces, with Trish Basanyi, the popular Voice Over Cafe podcast.
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Comments (1)
Terry Daniel
12/22/2016 at 6:59 AM
Thank you so much for posting this, John! And special thanks to all who contributed!
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