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One Voice Awards 2018 Competition Honors
'Best In UK Voiceover' At London Ceremony

May 7, 2018

Peter Dickson joins female winners of the One Voice Awards including (l-r): Hannah Melbourn, Olivia Scarlett, Alexia Kombou, Terry Burns, Toni Frutin, Alix Wilton Regan, Kate Flamman and Helen Goldwyn.

Peter Dickson (far right) joins male winners of the One Voice Awards including (l-r): Paul Albertson, Ian Brannan, Armin Hierstetter, Darren Altman, Marcus Bentley and Toby Ricketts.

Note: The One Voice Awards 2018 ceremony was a feature of the One Voice Conference presented by Gravy For The Brain Ltd., a voice-over training company based in the UK, on April 26-29, 2018.

By Harvey Clayton-Wright
Marketing Coordinator, Gravy for the Brain

Saturday April 28 saw the inaugural One Voice Awards 2018, a new voiceover award ceremony attended by 151 guests at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel at the Docklands Riverside in London's Canary Wharf.  

Voice-over man Peter Dickson, who is the iconic voice behind The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, E4 and hundreds of other adverts and television shows, was the host of the evening.

Dickson was also the co-founder of the awards, along with Hugh Edwards, a voice director and casting director.  

Guests were welcomed to the awards with a drinks reception, followed by a three-course meal before the ceremony was kicked off in style by an incredible skit in which the proceedings were interrupted as host Dickson had gone missing ...
The live announcer, Gina Mellotte, who is also the live announcer for the Bafta Awards, was heard arguing with Edwards about Dickson's location.  
Through a live stream, Edwards tracked down Dickson, who was wearing nothing but a string vest, heart boxers and covered in mustard and beans, not aware the awards were starting. What followed was an epic run through the hotel as Dickson rushed to attend the awards, at which point he appeared to run through the crowd and dashed behind the stage before emerging fully donned in his tuxedo for the night.  

The ceremony then kicked off with 32 categories detailing the best in UK voiceover, ranging from best newcomer, best international talent, best service provider, best voice artists across the industry and even the best of the worst: best outtakes of the year.  

All the nominees had put their own names forward, with the submissions open to absolutely everyone in the industry who been involved in a project within the last year.

From there, all 1,500 submissions were whittled down to between four to eight nominations in each category by 15 judges who stemmed from all areas of the voiceover industry, including voice actors, advertising heads, casting directors, heads of creative, agents, producers and demo producers.  

None of these judges knew the identity of each other, nor did they know the identity of the submissions they were judging, allowing for complete anonymity and preventing any kind of bribery or "friendship voting."

The identities of the judging panel were finally revealed at the start of the ceremony.

Being nominated was such an achievement by itself, and the winners represent the best talent working in our industry today.  


Male Voiceover of The Year - Toby Ricketts  

Female Voiceover of The Year - Alexia Kombou  

Voiceover Legend - Marcus Bentley

Audiobooks: Best Factual Performance - Angus King  

Audiobooks: Best Fiction Performance - Toni Frutin  

Voiceover Newcomer of the Year - Olivia Scarlett  

Animation: Best Female Character Performance - Emma Maclennan  

Animation: Best Male Character Performance - Darren Altman  

Best Children's Voiceover Performance - Harriet Lamb  

Voice Job Site of The Year - bodalgo (Armin Hierstetter)

Best International Voiceover Performance - Lou Lambert

Corporate/Explainer: Overall Best Performance - Toby Ricketts  

Demo Reels: Best Male - Toby Ricketts  

Demo Reels: Best Female - Kate Leaman  

E-Learning: Best Overall Performance - Sara Starling  

Gaming: Best Female Performance - Alix Wilton Regan  

Gaming: Best Male Performance - Glenn Wrage  

Outstanding Live Event Announcer - Katie Flamman  

Radio - Commercials: Best Female - Della Phillips  

Radio - Commercials: Best Male - Terry Burns  

Radio - Drama: Best Female - Helen Goldwyn  

Radio - Drama: Best Male - Paul Albertson  

Best Outtake of The Year - Ian Brannan  

Radio - Promo: Best Overall Performance - Hannah Melbourn  

Telephony/IVR - Best Overall Performance - Mark Ryes  

Television - Commercials: Best Female - Heather Long  

Television - Commercials: Best Male - Toby Ricketts  

Television - Documentary: Best Female - Vicki Blight  

Television - Documentary: Best Male - David Turner  

Television - Promo: Overall Best Performance - Stefan Frank  

Toys/Physical Games: Overall Best Performance - Kayleigh Thadani  

Voiceover Service Provider of The Year - bodalgo 


For more about the One Voice Conference and Awards, please visit


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Comments (1)
Signe Gad
5/8/2018 at 11:45 AM
Great to read about these awards! Just a thought, as there are so many categories - what about awarding the best audio describer?

Ciao from Copenhagen
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