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Voice 2008 Report: Monday, Aug. 11

VoiceOverXtra's Bloggin' Dream Team reported on daily events at Voice 2008 - the voice-over industry's major annual conference, Aug. 7-11, at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza hotel in Los Angeles. Check all reports in this series! Team members were voice actors Bob Souer, Kara Edwards, Dave Courvoisier and Bobbin Beam, led by webmaster John Florian. We appreciate the fantastic efforts of these bloggers - and the wonderful cooperation of all Voice 2008 attendees as we prepared these reports for you.

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VO master voice talent and trainer Pat Fraley, left, led voice actors in Monday morning's session on how to create authentic dialects.
Pat Fraley: Character Depth Requires
Creating Authentic Accents ...
John Florian
Pat Fraley - the master voice talent and trainer who has created more than 4,000 character voices - brought many of those characters to life Monday morning as he instructed voice actors how to focus on creating authentic dialect.
In the conference's final session, Fraley said that putting less emphasis on accurate dialect, and more on being authentic, will advance and accelerate a voice-over career.
"Doing everything perfectly will not get you where you want to go," he said. Rather, build a character with depth. In other words, add characteristics that create a character in your own style.
Step into the process with fun and play, he said. But follow these four elements to create authenticity:
  • Study dialects in movies, TV and Internet searches. Google "dialect."
  • Learn the basics of a particular dialect and practice those sounds with a partner.
  • Observe others.
  • Add your own charactertics.
"You don't want to play just the accent without the acting," he advised.
Fraley based this session on his new two-set CD and workbook, Accent on Dialect. He also offers this free MP3 lesson on creating authentic accents.
And That's A Wrap:
So Long Friends ...
John Florian
Was attending Voice 2008 worthwhile for voice actor Erik Sheppard?
Oh sure, he beamed in the show hotel lobby as many were heading home after the final session. "It got me out of my cage and pressing the flesh," he said.
And like hundreds of other show-goers, he'll likely return to the annual conference next year for more of the event's theme: education, technology and community. This year's version was all of that - and more.
Kudos to conference co-executive producers James Alburger and Penny Abshire, and event producer Denise Chamberlain (pictured) and her crew.
I want to share another picture with you: me with voice star and author Terri Apple.
About five years ago, my step-son Christopher Lula gave me Terri's book, Making Money in Voice-Overs. when I'd voiced interest in a voice-over career. So Terri helped get me started - and after a panel session Sunday night we met. Quite a thrill. By the way, Terri has just revised her book, which now includes a CD.
Finally, please check the wrap-up blogs of our Bloggin' Dream Team. These sleep deprived voice actors did an amazing job for us this week:
Dave Courvoisier: Voice-Acting In Vegas
Bobbin Beam: Bobbin's Blog
PS: Thanks also to my wife, Nancy, for tending the VoiceOverXtra booth. She enjoyed meeting you all!
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